What is Instagram to you?

Why I’m into Instagram?

Why do we really use Instagram? Is it a place where we can explore the world, an avenue to express our feelings, or is it really a window to reach other people? My answer is YES to all.

Instagram is like a big peep show of the world, that it can even make a single feather floating along the road be the biggest inspiration for a thousand unfortunate. Likewise, when you capture the tallest building in the world, you have the power to place it in a simple square without losing its majestic structure. Instagram indeed defines the eye of infinity, putting fantasy into reality and playing reality with mystery.

As a new user of the app 2 years ago, I barely remember that I use Instagram to capture places within my workplace, a cellphone case, the tree beside the nearest fast food chain around the corner, and myself in front of the mirror, or what we call “selfie” nowadays. Using the app in a few months also introduced me to what we know as “filter apps” today. I enjoyed playing with different effects, applying to various subjects such as food, office materials and the like. Few months more, I discovered the use of “hashtags” that I usually see on Twitter before. Browsing on Instagram has been a habit after my work. Instagram has been a way to reconnect with my friends, a way of invitation to visit a nice place or a food to taste.

The biggest role that Instagram render in my life is opening my eye for passion for photography. Expressing my emotions through filters, capturing interesting subjects, and most of all, having the liberty to say what I want in an artistic form. Exposing myself to the creative world of Instagram really moved my outlook in life, it introduced me to a variety of universe by just scrolling down my mobile device. Some way, I feel I’m connected to the posts and that’s the lead of Instagram among the other apps out there.

Its flexibility to our daily living is one powerful tool of Instagram. We can associate songs, foods, places, clothing and most, us, depicting the living things. Getting our interest and invite us to new ideas are what makes Instagram part of our daily living. It’s also an avenue to earn, by selling and buying at the same time. But the most fundamental thing that this app has is the “connections,” creating same vibes with another that leads to building relationships with others. Perhaps, people have different levels of understanding of what Instagram is, maybe deeper to what is written here, but for me, this app will live as long as we see the beauty of the world and we have the objective to share and connect.

At the end of the day, we should accept the fact that we can capture the same subject over the years, filters or combinations may be used repeatedly, but one thing’s for sure, every thought or intention why an Instagram’er posted that photo is entirely different from one another. Instagram showcases the infinity of our mind, not just limited to our creative side, but also the path that we draw from where we are right now. The progress of one’s thinking, how we learn each life’s lesson. All these are captured by the four corners of Instagram.

With these, I leave the thought of having a book in my hand, flipping the page of what and where Instagram taught me. I have just started my first chapter, how about you?


  • cclozano  

    Hi Chris, whoawesome article, thanks for posting! I’m shuffling through my Instagram’ing chapters. Keep the good vibes rolling!

  • Kieth Walter Ayuso  

    Very nice Chris! It made me realize my foundation as well. Let me go over my chapters then! 😀

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