We survived Blair Witch!

It was an invitation by Viewers’ Choice Philippines that’s short notice so we were initially hesitant, but tagging along fellow daring Instagram’ers, we braved the challenge of representing IGersManila at the advanced screening of Blair Witch (2016) last September 8 held at the Greenbelt 3 MyCinema in Makati City.

Blair Witch, perhaps a long overdue sequel to the original psychological horror movie, The Blair Witch Project, stars James Allen McCune, Callie Hernandez and Valorie Curry. The 2016 follow up film, employing the same found footage technique used in the original, is directed by Adam Wingard, produced by Keith Calder, Roy Lee, Steven Schneider and Jessica Wu, and written by Simon Barrett.


The new Blair Witch movie revolves around college students James Donahue and Lisa Arlington, together with Ashley Bennett and Peter Jones, equipped with a variety of video recording devices (think GPS earpieces and a remote-controlled flying drone), tagging along two locals Talia and Lane, all of them venturing into the Black Hills in Maryland in the hopes of finding Heather, James’ sister. This is after 22 years, which many believed may have to do with the Blair Witch legend, after she and her friends’ mysteriously disappeared.

As expected, the audience are shown around in a sequence of shaky videos, as the group got into a lot of of weird happenings, culminating into supernatural forces finally getting revealed, proving that the legend may just be all too real.

We had to let out a few squeals as we try to sit up straight throughout the movie, good thing we had dinner prior to the screening, as there were many nauseating, shaky scenes, but if you’re looking for a movie to get you terrified of going into the woods or getting hopelessly lost, trapped in a series of unexplainable occurrences, then don’t miss out on Blair Witch. And yes, we survived.

@iam_mortaleza @codyorgano @cclozano @gridphotoph @iambkf

@iam_mortaleza @codyorgano @cclozano @gridphotoph @iambkf

The shirt says it all - We survived Blair Witch!

The shirt says it all – We survived Blair Witch!

Thanks to Pioneer Films and Viewers’ Choice Philippines for inviting IGersManila. Fear of the Blair Witch starts this September 14 in cinemas nationwide.

Photos courtesy of @iambkf @cclozano.

Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

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