We say thanks this April

Some days are great, other days are not. And in this fast-phased world we live in, we often overlook and take for granted the things that most deserve our gratitude.

How often do we pause to appreciate what we have in life?

Living with a grateful heart gives us the opportunity to celebrate the goodness of life, and share happiness, love, and good vibes. Appreciate the things around us, there you’ll find something to be thankful for.

As we celebrate our third year as a community of visual storytellers, @IGersManila is #ThankfulFor the continued support of Pinoy IGers and friends across the world in keeping the good vibes rolling.

On Thursday 10-April-2014, we are #ThankfulFor SEASONS and all its changes – a great parallel to the seasons in our lives. Snap, filter, and share visual stories of the RAINY or SUNNY weather or even WINTER and FALL.

On Wednesday 09-April-2014, we are #ThankfulFor the FOOD on our table. Snap, filter, and share visual stories of the FOOD that you are most #ThankfulFor.

On Tuesday 08-April-2014, we are #ThankfulFor WORDS that give life meaning and give meaning to our lives. Snap, filter, and share any visual story with WORDS that you are most #ThankfulFor.

On Monday 07-April-2014, snap, filter, and share visual stories of water – its sources or uses. Water is one of the most important substances on earth that we are#ThankfulFor. 

On Sunday 06-April-2014, snap, filter, and share visual stories of your friends and family – for the love, support, kindness, and all the fun that they offer and we get to offer them – what we are #ThankfulFor.

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