Visualizing #IGPolysemy

In our daily readings of news, or articles online, we come across words or expressions that can be interpreted in so many ways. Due to the word’s several meanings, it causes confusion on our part as readers. But given the context of what we are reading, we then learn to deduce the meaning of the words. Sometimes referred to as double entendre or double meaning, we have chosen 7 words for you to interpret as visual stories. 
Share how you visualize the word ‘arms”. This could be arms of people or furniture. We can even refer to “arms” as weapons. 


Be it the color blue or the feeling of sadness and loneliness, share visual stories of anything blue. 


This could be bowling or a mixing bowl or even bowl of fruit. Creatively interpret the word “bowl”. 


Be it the store in your neighborhood or  a sealed container, a sign indicating the place is not open or a an impassable gate, share visual stories of something closed. 


This can refer to something that is smashed down, a musical note, an apartment, or a type of shoe. Capture something “flat” and share that visual story.

This word can mean a sporting event such as a boxing meet or a baseball game. This could also refer to a marriage or pair of items or entities with mutually suitable characteristics.

There are a couple of ways that this could be interpreted. Perhaps shoot a place that is remote. Or find a remote control and share that visual story. 

Share with us your snapshots on how you interpret the words given above. Upload them in Instagram and tag it for @IGersManila’s #9pmhabit #igersmanila #igersphilippines #IGPolysemy.  
Have fun and keep the good vibes rolling! 

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