Tips for Instagram’ing: #CreateShareInspire

When we meet fellow IGers during instameets and collaborative projects, we are constantly asked if we can give some tips on Instagram’ing.

Anchored on #CreateShareInspire theme, we came up with fifteen (15) tips to #CreateShareInspire with our visual stories.

How to Create Visual Stories?

CREATE (by @cclozano)

  1. Be snap-ready. Always keep your mobile device snap-ready: you don’t want to miss out on capturing life’s special moments.
  2. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap as many photos as you can, framing the scene/s in various angles or versions, without worrying about good or bad shots. Choose a photo that stands out and tells a story.
  3. Don’t zoom. Stay close to your subject/s.
  4. Find the light. Find and play around with light sources.
  5. Explore and practice. Edit or apply filters to your liking but don’t overdo it.

How to Share Visual Stories?

SHARE (by @ipetim)

  1. Use hashtags wisely. Including relevant hashtags on your post. You can put as many as 30 hashtags, but it doesn’t mean you should.
  2. Take advantage of your ‘Add To Map’ (Geo-tagging) option. Make your photos more searchable in Instagram by using the geo-tagging feature.
  3. Tag your Instagram Friends – if they are in the photo or if you want to acknowledge them and avoid being a tagger-happy.
  4. Use Instagram’s sharing tools. Promote your account by using the Sharing Tools on Instagram. Let your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flicker, or even Foursquare friends aware that you have an Instagram account and eventually they will follow you there too.
  5. Be sociable. Make sure to double-tap the photos that you like and don’t hesitate to comment compliments. Appreciate your followers by thanking them for their positive comments.

How to Inspire with your Visual Stories?

INSPIRE (by @edcalaycay)

  1. Find your interest group. Are you a travel phoneographer? Food photography enthusiasts? Typography editor? Be with people who share your passion as you.
  2. Join the group’s activities. Take that interaction offline by joining your interest group’s activities. Meet the faces behind the IG usernames and be friends with them.
  3. Collaborate with your IG friends. Meet them for coffee. Do photowalks together, you can even make them the subject of your visual stories. Share your tips and techniques in snapshooting and filtering/editing your visual stories.
  4. Make your IG reflective of you. Your gallery speaks of who are and what you do. So don’t be a copycat. Be an Instagram inspiration for others– a gallery of awesome visual stories of you and your journey in life.
  5. Always #KTGVR. Shun away from negativity. Radiate positivity and optimism. And remember to keep the good vibes rolling #KTGVR — online and offline.

Upload your visual stories in Instagram and tag them to #IGersManila #CreateShareInspire and we might just feature you on our social platforms.

Have something to add on our tips?  Share them as comments below. #KTGVR!

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