#TheColl tries Yoga at Certified Calm

It was an early Saturday morning, when #TheColl convened for a not-so-typically #instameet–we are trying Yoga for the first time .

We went to Certified Calm at Two Parkade, Bonifacio Global City on Saturday 22-November-2014. Certified Calm is a wellness store that promote health, fitness, wellness as a lifestyle and more.

When we arrived, the store was easily transformed into a yoga studio complete with wall mirrors and Manduka mats. The purple mats on the floor were so inviting that we all sat down and choose our own places as we ready ourselves for the yoga session.


  The 75-minute session with Teacher Ria (@yapatoots) was filled with fun and easy to follow step-by-step exercise routines starting with the beginner to the most advanced poses. As first timers, #TheColl were all nervous as we do not have any ideas what this session brings to us. We raised ur hips towards the sky and stretched our arms and legs. We also tried planking! After hurdling the downward facing dog pose (this is the resting position, by the way), warrior pose, and tree position, we we’re able to go further and try the more complex routines which Teacher Ria shared with us step-by-step.  

Success favors the flexible. #typYOLOgraphy Yoga Session with #TheColl of #IGersManila and #certifiedcalm #manduka A photo posted by Reinmar Llamado (@breinmars) on

Ending the session with the corpse position, we slowly realized that this yoga practice soothes the body and calms the minds. Yoga can also be practised to alleviate health problems and reduce stress.

The yoga session was even more memorable and fun-filled as our fellow #TheColl were present to support us and were ready to snap our “first time yoga” visual stories and share them online.

This idea of a yoga #instameet was brought into the open after our initial meetup with Certified Calm for a mini shoot for Klean Kanteen. Thanks to Ms. Darcy and Yovi for inviting @IGersManila and making our first time yoga a memorable session.

Follow Certified Calm’s in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and check out the offerings they have.

Check out the rest of the photos snapped by #TheColl @iamkebok, @2408mike @breinmars and @gelaramirez13 at @IGersManila’s FB page.


And as in all yoga session, we end with:


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