Sometimes, the words we want to say are encapsulated in a song. The lyrics and the melody of songs perfectly fit what we want to say, what our hearts feel and what our thoughts are exactly. Most of the times, the song leaves a mark in us that once it is played, it uncovers within us concealed emotions that only the song can bring out in us. This week, @IGersManila let’s you explore your creativity with your songs and the lyrics. Let’s Instagram that song through #IGYourSong.

Today, Saturday 20-February-2016, let’s snap, filter, and share visual stories of your favorite SONGS — snapshots fitting your current favorite songs that brightens your day.

Spread creativity and positivity with your posts using your favorite photo edit and filter apps. Tag your post/s to @IGersManila and don’t forget to add #IGersManila #9pmhabit #IGYourSong #IGersPhilippines to your photo or video caption so we can add your work to our collage and get the chance to be featured as a #PhotoPick.

#IGERSMANILA #9PMHABIT #LOVEINANYLANGUAGE #IGERSPHILIPPINES Follow @IGersManila and Make It Your #9pmhabit – Every day at 9:00PM Philippine Standard Time (PST / GMT +8:00), we're asking fellow Filipino Instagram'ers across the globe to tag snapshots and share stories with a specific theme or topic. Today, Sunday 14-February-2016, and in celebration of Saint Valentine's Day, let's snap, filter, and share visual stories of #LoveInAnyLanguage — of subjects associated with love adding your typography — express your feelings of affection in any language. Be creative and keep the good vibes rolling #ktgvr with your Instagram'ing using your favorite #phoneography apps. POST AND TAG AS MANY AS YOU WANT BUT USE ONLY YOUR OWN PHOTO AND VIDEO SNAPSHOTS AND DO THIS BY 9:00PM PST TONIGHT WITH THE HASHTAGS #IGersManila #9pmhabit #LoveInAnyLanguage #IGersPhilippines. Show your appreciation of tagged entries with #IGHeartAttack, interact by posting positive comments, follow fellow IGers and make new friends. We’ll be checking the tagged entries from 9:00PM to 11:00PM PST and post our #PhotoPick before the next #9pmhabit challenge is announced. Register at IGERSMANILA.COM to be in the Circle of Snapshooters #iCoss and join our growing community of visual storytellers who #CreateShareInspire. Have questions or suggestions? Follow and tag @IGersManila #TheMods @CCLozano @EdCalaycay @iPetim @Pinkipop27 @IGersPhilippines. Awesome visual story courtesy of #TheColl Snapshooter @lizlrey. Mabuhay #PinoyIGers! Please help us remind IGers to tag only original posts that follow the theme/topic for the #9pmhabit daily visual storytelling habit, maraming salamat (thanks very much)!

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Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

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