The story behind IGersManila’s #ktgvr song

Last June 2013, when Instagram introduced videos, along came out a slew of apps that made working with videos easy and fun, designed to squeeze enough eye-candy and creativity to fit the 15-second length limitation. As Instagram continues to evolve, so is the way we do our posts for our Instagram’ing community. And so as suggested by fellow moderator Ed Calaycay, we’ve since recreated our #PhotoPick posts, using Frametastic and PicPlayPost apps (both for iOS), to showcase the four (or more in other occasions) standout posts for our daily #9pmhabit visual storytelling habit – in a video collage that highlights both the Instagram’ers and their winning entries, and a matching background music or song. In our continuing efforts to be creative (aside from not being comfortable using mainstream tunes), I thought we needed to have our own jingle or song. And because we know a few IGers who are also into SoundCloud, Ed contacted SoundCloud Philippines for a collaboration, and thankfully one of its admins, Jerome Cleofas was happy to oblige, and the rest as they say is history.

As explained in the video above, IGersManila’s official community song, aptly titled #ktgvr, is catchy, reflects who we are and what we do as a community, and lss-ish, and we owe this to the talented musicians, lyricists, and singers of SoundCloud Philippines, who made this unforgettable sights and sounds collaboration possible.

Listen to the #ktgvr song, and keep the good vibes rolling!

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