The #IGChroma Week

Follow @IGersManila and Make It Your #9pmhabit – Everyday at 9:00PM Philippine Time (PHT / GMT +8:00), we’re asking Pinoy IGers and friends across the globe to share and tag photos with a specific theme or topic.

In a world that often boasts about how many millions of colors we are able to produce, we tend to overuse hues to convey the emotions we feel, the moments we capture, and the photos we share. This time, let us all step back, strip back the colors, and tone down the vibrancy. Let us share not just the direct renditions of our favorite subjects, but the #whoawesome photos that are abstractions from reality using only a single color and its various shade.

This is @IGersManila’s #IGChroma. Today, Sunday 01-April-2012, we kick off the week by capturing an interesting subject and sharing that photo enhanced with the SEPIA filter. Pictures that are sepia-toned gives that feeling of “old time” photographs — the ones that have survived until today. Have fun and be creative with your posts using your favorite photo edit and filter apps.

TAG AS MANY POSTS AS YOU CAN USING ONLY YOUR OWN NEW OR OLD PHOTOS AND DO THIS AT EXACTLY 9:00PM PHT TONIGHT. Don’t forget to include #IGersManila #9pmhabit #IGChroma in your caption. Keep the good vibes rolling in our Instagram community by liking or double-tapping tagged entries, interact by posting positive comments, follow Pinoy IGers and make new friends. We’ll be checking the tagged photos from around 9:00PM to 11:00PM PHT, and we’ll announce the #9pmhabit PHOTO PICK the next day at around 9:00AM PHT.

Have questions or suggestions? Follow and tag @IGersManila #TheMods in Instagram @cclozano @ipetim @edcalaycay @pinkipop27. Mabuhay Pinoy IGers!

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