The #IGCelebration Week

Cheers to @IGersManila’s first year anniversary!

As @IGersManila turns a year older, we go back in time and review the year that was. Let’s reminisce the funnest and most memorable themes and activities we did for the past year, going down memory lane and pick up the lessons. Let’s revisit old photos, reconnect with long lost friends and bring forth the #goodvibes as we look forward to a future full of hope and enthusiasm, true camaraderie and friendship, and much love and positivity. This is @IGersManila’s First Anniversary #IGCelebration. Yesterday, exactly one year when @IGersManila did its first post in IG, we asked for photos with COLORS of the PHILIPPINE FLAG or any subject with the colors RED, WHITE, BLUE and YELLOW!

Today, Monday 23-April-2012, is Day 2 of our week-long #IGCelebration. Put a smile on the faces of our IG friends across the world by telling us the IGERS YOU WISH TO MEET really soon. Share their PHOTO or their ARTWORK and let’s #MakeTheirDay as we continue to celebrate Pinoy visual artistry while keeping the #goodvibes rolling! Have fun and be creative with your posts using your favorite photo edit and filter apps.

TAG AS MANY POSTS AS YOU WANT BUT USE ONLY YOUR OWN NEW OR OLD PHOTOS AND DO THIS AT EXACTLY 9:00PM PHT TONIGHT. Don’t forget to include #IGersManila #9pmhabit #IGCelebration in your caption. Keep the #goodvibes rolling in our Instagram community by liking or double-tapping tagged entries, interact by posting positive comments, follow Pinoy IGers and make new friends. We’ll be checking the tagged photos from around 9:00PM to 11:00PM PHT, and we’ll announce the #9pmhabit PHOTO PICK the next day at around 9:00AM PHT.

Have questions or suggestions? Follow and tag @IGersManila #TheMods in Instagram @cclozano@ipetim @edcalaycay @pinkipop27. Mabuhay Pinoy IGers!

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