The #4Ever1mGr8ful #9pmhabit

Instagram has been an instrument for @IGersManila to connect Filipinos around the world, bridge the gaps that distance creates, and turn strangers into online and real-life friends and more.

As we celebrate our third year of sharing visual stories of the colorful Filipino lifestyle, arts, and culture, we dedicate this weeklong #9pmhabit looking back and reminiscing moments that will always make us say #4Ever1mGr8ful.

On Saturday 26-April-2014, snap, filter, and share visual stories with #Typography of #4Ever1mGr8ful.

On Friday 25-April-2014, is#ThemesDay. Suggest a #9pmhabit theme by sharing your snapshooting mechanics and unique hashtag with the matching sample photo or video. 

On Thursday 24-April-2014, snap, filter, and share any subject/s that come/s in 3 – representing @IGersManila‘s 3 years of sharing visual stories. 

On Wednesday 23-April-2014, let’s make #MakeTheirDay #whoawesome. Go through your camera roll or Instagram feed, and dedicate tonight’s #9pmhabit for the people who made your Instagram’ing experience more meaningful and for that we say #4Ever1mGr8ful


 On Tuesday 22-April-2014, snap, filter, and share visual stories tagged with your favorite #IGersManila hashtag/s.

On Monday 21-April-2014, go through your camera roll or Instagram feed and share your favorite IGersManila moment – PhotoPick, Instameet, IGer feature, tag and/or mention, or any memorable Instagram’ing encounter. Sample photo by #IGersManila #TheMods @ipetim, taken during @IGersManila‘s 2012 YearEnder Potluck#SnaParty.


On Sunday 20-April-2014, go through your Instagram feed and reshare with us your first few Instagram posts – either recreate or re-edit and repost. Sample photo is @hellokring‘s sunset – one of the first#PhotoPick of @IGersManila

See you on #4Ever1mGr8ful Instameet on 26-April-2014. Not yet registered? Click here. Registration ends 22-April-2014.

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