Reality and filters

How real is reality? What are the standards of our perception of reality? When I was asked to share something about life and / or photography in general, I came across the question of reality, being real, how to be real. Are we on the same page of seeing reality?

Reality, as defined in our common reference, is a noun which denotes a true situation that exists, something that actually happens; a real occurrence, phenomena, etc. Everything then seems to be real as long as it passed through our natural senses. But the question is, what then is the ultimate reality? Is it the concrete subject in our photo, the mode of capturing the photo per se or the manner on how the photo was actually perceived? Whenever I post a photo in Instagram and any other facilities, I tend to justify if I was able to preserve the authenticity of me-seeing-things the way I actually captured them. How real are my photos, how natural are they and how honest their interpretation is. Though I need not to think of how others will relate to my craft since my only responsibility is to preserve a certain momentum in my existence and be rightful to myself, chances are, I want to portray, as much as I can, how I actually perceived reality in order for me to share the exact feelings and inspiration to all who will encounter my photo. There goes the question of filters, how do we want things to be interpreted. What is the need of it and how do we preserved reality using filters.

Filters for me are ways on how we want to balance our self-sense of becoming, this is one concrete example of our indifferences in life and how we cope up to our different occurrences, phenomena, etc. Yet I believe filters do not filter reality per se, they all the more highlight reality as they embody our personal approach on our perception of things. Filters are our unique identification, filters speak about our personality – this can be our personal orientation wherein we may be looking at the same thing at the same time but how it is personal depends on how we are being taught to look things that way. This can be our approach to every challenge life inevitably offers wherein we may have had the same extent of burden or have had encountered the same unfortunate despair but how we managed to deal with it depends on how we established our personal definition of maturity and faithfulness. We are all bound to experience trials in life in way one or another, but how we deal with it depends on which filter have we learned to accept to be beneficial as time flies. Does filter still preserve reality then?

By all means, filters are made to see things on a personal approach; each one of us does have our own ‘real’ grasp of reality. When I mean real, it is something that cannot be altered or tampered. Photography for me is reality. You are not only preserving what has been captured by your naked eyes and / or by your device because long before it is captured it was first felt, the “meeting-of-one-cell-to-another” first happened within. We are all naturally capable of perception but we do not preserve all that we see, we take pictures of those that we feel like preserving. Photography is reality because of one simple factor – that organ in your chest that pumps blood through your veins and arteries. That organ manifests the filter we use in order to preserve what is it is to be preserved. And I am but grateful to have been shared of the capability of preserving what is vital in our hearts because without it, I may have been very lose in interpreting how wonderful life is, how big really love is and how blessed I am.

Going back to the earlier premise – how real is reality? What are the standards of our perception of reality? Are we on the same page of seeing reality? Take time to embrace, identify and highlight your filters and see it for yourself.


  • cclozano  

    Hi Kieth, thanks for writing about this, you somehow changed the way I think about “filters” it’s as if we apply these photographic effects because we’re fond of contrasting visual appeal. Keep the good vibes rolling!

    • Kieth Walter Ayuso  

      Daddy C, glad to be appreciated. Thanks for helping us also realize, on a
      daily basis, something about appreciating life’s candid blessings. See
      you all soon!

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