Promote your IG feed with Statigram

Instagram is currently only available for Apple’s iPhone (and iPod/iPad with camera) but Statigram, an Instagram web viewer, offers cool ways to promote your IG feed elsewhere (aside from the amazing statistics):

  • Let your friends who do not have an Instagram account view all your posts and comment on them using their Facebook account. (Check out
  • If you have a website or blog, add and display your feed or to any RSS reader. (Check out
  • If you have a Facebook page, you can add a new tab to display all your Instagram feed and interact with your Facebook community. (Check out @IGersManila’s Instagram Tab)
  • Create a whoawesome cover for your Facebook timeline with a beautiful patchwork of your 50 latest photos posted on Instagram. (Check out @CCLozano’s cover)

So, visit Statigram, log in with your Instagram account, and start promoting your IG feed everywhere!

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