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@IGersManila’s Photo Contest 03 – #appleandi / @PowerMacCenter Winners (1) @aceyboi (2) @jewelsmom (3) @cyrillestef (4) @q5tintin (5) @12nightwing.

@IGersManila’s Photo Contest #Patimpalak02 “” (Philippine products) Winner @sirujana

@IGersManila Photo Contest #Patimpalak01 “Kalye” (Street Photography) Winner @jumbowjoint



For joining in on the fun of the #9pmhabit, for showcasing the visual artistry of Pinoy culture and for sharing the colors and flavors of life captured and framed, we are honored to give you IG’s #TheMods Weekly IGers Pick (#IGtwip). This is @IGersManila’s way of saluting and appreciating Pinoy Instagramers and friends across the globe who keep the #goodvibes rolling and for making #IGersManila their #9pmhabit and hashtag.


Being online 24/7, she has been addicted to posting in IG and the #9pmhabit!

Hi there! Mayette here, I became an IGer last February when I was looking for an app to get myself occupied rather than always crying in my room (I’m a recent widow). Then I saw my friend @onefootforward using Instagram, so i tried it. I wasn’t very much into IG before, until I came across @IGersManila’s #9pmhabit. From then on, my day is not complete without joining the fun every night. I enjoy sharing my photos and liking others’ photos and making friends. The photo editing apps I often use are Camera+, HDR FX, Pixlromatic, and FrameUrLife.


A very active tagger for #IGersManila, her feed reflects her shoutout “random, very random.”

My name is Jane. Ever since I was a child, I have loved taking pictures. I bought my first camera when I was in high school and with the money I saved from my allowance. I learned about IG when I was searching for apps for my iphone, but I didn’t download it because I was not comfortable sharing my pictures with total strangers. My dear friend, @bellai1, was able to convince me to try IG by telling me about @IGersManila’s #9pmhabit. I’ve been hooked ever since. The photo editing apps I’ve been using are camera+, snapseed, noir and magichour. My favorite subjects are my kids, but I don’t normally post their pictures on the internet.


An addict in IG who hails from Guam but joins us still for the #9pmhabit daily.

I’m Aly. A college student currently majoring in Fine Arts. I’m not pro in photography. I just love taking pictures of the things around me. I just downloaded IG because a friend of mine (@deathcloud) suggested that I should post all my drawings in IG. Of course, as a newbie I didn’t know what to do next. Then, after a couple of days, I started following great photographers and got inspired by their works. That is when I started taking interesting pictures and used photo editing apps. The apps I mostly use are Snapseed, Camera+, Phonto, Filter Mania, Pixlromatic, Squaready, and Lenslight.


Instagramming the world spawned different interest groups in our huge and ever growing IG community – it’s time we converge as one – this is @IGersManila’s #IGFusion.


@HappySpamily was formed last October 2011 from spam comments (e.g. “follow me”) mostly seen on @silly_human’s feed. With his silly mind, he began commenting spam comments and imitating spammers on his friends’ feeds with humor. The spamming frenzy began and the spamily was formed. The original members are @silly_human @deathcloud @_portia_ @airben_der @dhexter_suerte @frustratedputo @ranjhun25 @djgray21 @annegray @pig_rabbit7 @dyoan08 @abobot and later joined by @mogultown.

The #9pmhabit #IGFusion with @HappySpamily includes #HSBirds #HSSkies and #HSCranes.


@IGersNurses is a vision founded by @_unravelledme_. Abby, her real name, came up with the idea in October 2011 when she noticed that a lot of nurses are very active in Instagram. And with that realization she consulted with Phil Gonzalez of @igers about her vision to create a group with a belief that nurses on Instagram can inspire each other by sharing their common passion and mission in life – which is Nursing and Photography. Abby then paved the way to find fellow nurses from @IGersManila network and created the group initially with Lou (@dangkidoo), Jay (@jayronan) and Niño (@neoneardie), all based in the USA. The group was completed when other nurses in different parts of the world joined in, specifically, Alvin (@vinstagram) and Tricia (@treespalola), both from the Philippines and Dan (@83_donjuan) who’s based in Bahrain. @IGersNurses is unprecedented as this is the first group ever in instagram made by and for nurses. A group created solely for a specific profession! And the rest is history!

The #9pmhabit #IGFusion with @IGersNurses include #IGersNurses_TLC #IGersNurses_Foods and #IGersNurses_HappyThoughts.


The #KawaiiGurls was originally composed of @chechil @reish @misstheriz @javie05 @blissfulqueen @katv608 and @keiselle and was formed when they started posting “kawaii” or cute photos. They were later on joined by @theque01 and @i_am__me. Because of the positive feedback from other IGers, they decided to come up with a daily challenge #kawaiioftheday in collaboration with @james2231.

The #9pmhabit #IGFusion with #KawaiiGurls include #KawaiiFaces, #KawaiiHands and #KawaiiDoodles.


@IlocanoIGers was founded on November 2011 by @mharie1028 from UK when she became aware of other Ilocanos on Instagram. The members started to chat through KakaoTalk, got along well and blossomed as a family. The group is co-moderated by four Ilocanos from different parts of the world namely @mngjuanpedro from Texas, @dexdexdex from UAE, @kctemplo15 from Qatar, and @kuleeeng from the Philippines. The first challenge pushed through on 20-November-2011 with IlocanoLOGO and since then other challenges were done weekly.

The #9pmhabit #IGFusion with @IlocanIGers include #MagicalSeries #ParteNgKatawan and #CeilingSnaps.


A group of Pinoy IGers lurking in the tweetverse with mentions, corny jokes – a camaraderie formed with passion for photography with a little touch of humor. Formed after a riot on Twitter that started with wee hours tweet mentions, the boys made fun of each other from nipple tape, to beauty pageant booboos, to “I wanna have pandesal (washboard abs)” that resulted to total laugh trips. A camaraderie formed with passion for photography with a little touch of humor, the #BatibotBoys are @akosimakoiski @maldeeto @daomingza @sarci @erbalauag @thechadm @juddahthegreat @geoc_12 @edcalaycay.

The #9pmhabit #IGFusion with @BatibotBoys include #BBColor #BBNatureNotes and #BBHarutan.


@FoodForFoodies, which is co-moderated by @pwincessmiao, started when @iamblackstar wanted to share different food he’s had everyday through iPhoneography. Food and photography being a passion of his, he created an alternate account to share all his food endeavors and created #FoodForFoodies with over 16,000 tagged posts and counting.

The #9pmhabit #IGFusion with @FoodForFoodies include #FoodieChallenge_Colors#FoodieChallenge_Snacks, and #FoodieChallenge_OnlyInThePH.

#Ekiks Crew

It was written that friends are family we choose; and family is what we’ve found in each other. What started as an Instagram group last 24-April-2011 has blossomed into something more of a family. The first members started to chat through the KIK app, thus the name Ekiks Crew. It was the #Ekiks that started the daily #3pmhabit that inspired the idea of the phenomenal #9pmhabit which we now all enjoy and use, through sharing photos, to connect and make more meaningful friendships with Pinoys across the globe.

The #9pmhabit #IGFusion with #Ekiks include #EkiksFingers#PhotoCharade, and #EyeGers.


@ThePhotoRushChallenge was founded on October 2011 by Oscar Garcia (OscardelaHopia) Ish Lopez (DJGambit) and Jerome Santos (Jedi Master). The three aforementioned Pinoy IGers have been active listeners/contributors on the daily morning show on FM radio “The Morning Rush” on Monster Radio RX 93.1 hosted by noted DJ personalities Chico Garcia & Delamar. They are more commonly known as “Rushers” a non-profit, social group of individuals who regularly contribute ideas/entries to the show. The three are Instagramers just this past year and regularly joins the daily topic/theme of @IGersmanila and one night decided to form its own mini contest for the Rushers on Twitter with the same format as the #9pmhabit. On 31-October-2011 they launched their first topic “PhotoRushCandles” that was received with little enthusiasm. But as soon as radio DJ Chico Garcia (a passionate photographer in his own right) started joining the tri-weekly contest, the contest started getting its recognition. On 21-November-2011, @ThePhotoRushChallenge opened the contest on Instagram and got its first “hit” topic with “PhotoRushSkyPorn” with over 250 entries with which the moderators decided to choose 10 winners to show appreciation to the huge number of participants. The next topic “PhotoRushFlowerPop” was also a big hit with over 260 entries on Instagram alone. Winners are regularly announced on The Morning Rush usually on the last hour of the show. The words POINT, SHOOT & POST (coined by Ish Lopez) is the group’s official catch phrase and used on its announcements. Over a thousand entries and more than 30 challenges later the T’Mods (short for “The Moderators”) continue to bring a unique and challenging photo contest to everyone, hoping to uplift and promote photography to the common Juan and have a lot of fun along the way.

The #9pmhabit #IGFusion with @ThePhotoRushChallenge include #PhotoRushBottles#PhotoRushMacroGeek, and #PhotoRushEvents.

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