Press Screening of Hidden Figures

What an inspiring movie about unity guys! I’ve been invited to watch the press screening of Hidden Figures at Greenbelt 3 Cinema. It’s definitely a feel good movie for anyone wanting to be uplifted, especially in today’s political climate.

The story is about three African women who worked for NASA in the 1960s. And because of them, they were able to send men into space. Despite their gender and the color of their skin, it’s all about proving to people that when you’re faced challenges, and if you’re determined, you find solutions to your problems. Mind you, these three protagonists triumphed over what people perceive them to be. I ask myself when I was watching this movie: “how different was their society then compared to ours now? What has changed?” I’ll leave these questions to you…

Thanks again to IGersManila, 20th Century Fox, and Viewer’s Choice Philippines for this opportunity.

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