We’re humbled knowing that our daily #9pmhabit visual storytelling habit have inspired our neighboring Instagramers communities to have their own, such as @InstaSG. And in solidarity with the region, most especially with the families and friends of 239 passengers of the still missing Malaysian Flight MH 370, we’re dedicating today’s #9pmhabit to #PrayForMH370 #IGersPrayForMH370.

Today, Monday 10-March-2014, we’re asking fellow Instagram’ers to snap-filter-share visual stories of blue and white, the colors of the sky, and add #PrayForMH370 as the typography. PLEASE POST AND TAG ONLY NEW PHOTOS AND DO THIS AT EXACTLY 9:00PM PST TONIGHT. After posting, let’s offer our prayers and 60 minutes of Instagram silence, that means no liking and commenting. Until then, kindly ask your friends and followers to do the same.

Check out the Instagram entries tagged with #PrayForMH370 and #IGersPrayForMH370.

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