#PIPE5 Mechanics

Excited to join  @IGersManila’s 5th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE5? Please read the mechanics below!


Instagramers Manila Philippines (@IGersManila), the official Philippine representative of the http://instagramers.com network of cities and international Instagram communities, conducts an annual event dubbed as the Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit (#PIPE) showcasing Pinoy’s visual artistry, creativity and ingenuity through mobile photography and visual storytelling.

Promoting photography using smartphones, this annual event has featured snapshots taken mostly from streets and public places that captures the unique Pinoy culture and lifestyle, thus the hashtag #KalyePH.


Now on it’s fifth annual run, the 5th Philippine Instagram Exhibit (“#PIPE5”), @IGersManila is deviating from the previous themes of the competition. This year’s exhibit shall adopt the theme ”Break The Rules!”
From the #PIPE tradition of focusing only on street photography #KalyePH, we are breaking the rules and going beyond the norm to expand the scope of the exhibit by including additional categories as part of the competition.
@IGersManila is also veering away from the structure of the previous exhibits by making this year’s exhibit an online competition only . Furthermore, the number of awards has been expanded to reflect the diversity of a community that @IGersManila has formed.

The new categories for #PIPE5 are the following:

  1. Street/#KalyePH
  2. Food/Drinks
  3. Portrait/People
  4. Nature/Landscape
  5. Black and White
  6. Typography
  7. Creative


The exhibit is open to all Filipino Instagramers (IGers) with public IG accounts during the time of the whole duration of the competition.

The public IG account of the IGer should have a minimum of 100 photos, and a minimum number 50 of followers during at the time of the joining the competition. (That is, starting October 2016)

IGers participating must be at least 16 years old at the time of the official announcement of the exhibit submission.  (That is, starting 11 October 2016)

An IGer can join all the categories listed above, but will only be allowed one to qualify (advance to the next round) in one category.

An exception shall be made for the #PIPE5_Creative category — where IGers (who have qualified in any of the other categories) may also be a qualifier for this particular category. 

Only one IG account per person shall be allowed across all categories.

The IGer should be a registered member of #iCoss. If not yet a member, register here: https://igersmanila.com/register


There shall be three stages of the contest.

Category Qualifying Round

  • This is the call for submission of entries via Instagram. On a weekly basis, @IGersManila shall post a call for submission of entries for one or two categories.
  • There shall be 7 category qualifying rounds with 9 winners per rounds.
  • The qualifying round shall start on Sunday, 16-October-2016.

The Battles Round

  • This round shall have two components — online voting and offline judging.
  • The 9 winners per category shall be subjected to an online voting and offline judging.
  • Mechanics for online voting shall be made by #TheComm.
  • Online voting shall be in November.
  • One winner shall be chosen per category based on the criteria set out below.

Exhibit Display

This is the public display of the winning photos determined from the battles for each of the category
The display shall be during #IGNitePH2016 at venue determined by @IGersManila on 3-December-2016.


The entry to be submitted should be a digital photo with a corresponding title, caption and hashtags.

Entries may be edited/enhanced using mobile applications only. Entries edited using software that involves the use of desktop/laptop is not allowed.

The following photo are disqualified:

  • Photos that violate a person’s rights including, but not limited to copyright and privacy.
  • Photos that contain obscene, sexually explicit, offensive or any other objectionable or inappropriate content
  • Photos bearing images of public officials.

The entry should be NEWLY posted in Instagram during the call for entry submission for the category carrying the following hashtags:

  • The category hashtag (that is, #PIPE5_KalyePH, #PIPE5_Food, etc)
  • #PIPE5
  • #IGMNL
  • #IGersManila
  • #IGersPhilippines

An IGer can submit as many entries as he wants.


  • @IGersManila shall form a committee #TheComm in-charge of selection of the 9 qualifiers for each of the 7 categories.
  • Committee rules shall be drafted for the selection process.
  • @IGersManila shall email the selected qualifiers individually.
  • @IGersManila shall announce in IG the 9 qualifiers for each category.


  • This round shall have two components — online voting and offline judging.
  • The online voting component shall be done via a platform to be decided by #TheMods.
  • The offline judging shall use the criteria below.


The 9 qualifiers for each category shall be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Adherence to theme/Content – 15%
  • Creativity and Originality – 15%
  • Photographic Quality – 15%
  • Visual Impact – 15%
  • Online vote – 40%

The decision of the judges are final and not appealable.


Category Qualifying Round

For the Qualifying Round, a Committee of 5 composed of selected #TheColl members shall be created to pick qualifiers for each category.

The Battles Round

For the Battle Round, #TheMods and the exhibit sponsors and partners shall select a committee from themselves that shall judge the entries.

The following awards and prizes are at stake for #PIPE5.

#PIPE5 Most Popular Visual Story Online

  • This award shall be selected from the roster of the category qualifiers for #PIPE5 with the most number of votes across all the categories.
  • Selection of winner shall be done via online voting
  • The winner of this award shall receive special prize from our exhibit sponsors.

#PIPE5 Category Winners

  • The visual story garnering the highest average score per category based on the criteria for judging shall be declared the Category Winner
  • The winners of this award shall receive special prize from our exhibit sponsors.

#PIPE5 Visual Story of the Year

  • This shall be on-the-day votation and will be judged by the number of votes from #IGNitePH attendees.
  • The winner shall be the visual story with the most number of votes casted
  • The winner of this award shall receive special prizes from our exhibit sponsors.


By participating in the #PIPE5, the participating instagram’er acknowledges and attests that:

  • The submitted photo is a single work of original material created and taken solely by the Instagram’er;
  • @IGersManila reserves the right to disqualify any photo at any time for any cause.
  • @IGersManila may use the entries of the #PIPE5 in its social media platforms to promote the event.
  • The submitted entries are sole propriety of the Instagram’er.
  • @IGersManila reserves the right to modify the mechanics of #PIPE5 as may be deemed necessary by #TheMods and the exhibit sponsors and partners.

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