With the launch of the 4th Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit #PIPE4, we compiled the questions that we received and answered them here:

1. Q: Is a colored photo allowed as an entry for #PIPE4 #KalyePH2015 submission? 

A: Yes. Your submitted entry can be in full color or in black and white or even in sepia.
You have the freedom to use any filters to make your submitted entry stand out in the grid of #PIPE4 KalyePH015 submissions.
2. Q: Can I just put the required hashtags like #KalyePH #KalyePH2015 to an old uploaded photo in IG and make it an entry for the qualifying round? 
A: Part of the mechanics is that the entry should be NEWLY uploaded and is submitted within the date range for call for submission of entries. Note the following submission dates:
  • July 7- 13 for July 25th Photowalk
  • July 27 – Aug 2 for Aug 15th Photowalk
  • Aug 31 – Sept 6 for Sept 19th Photowalk
3. Q: If my entry submitted did not qualify for the first batch, can I still try it on the second and third batch?
A: If your entry did not qualify for the first batch, there are two other batches where you can submit entries and qualify for the second or third batch.
4. Q: Can I submit entries to the qualifying rounds that are taken outside the Philippines? 
A: As long as it follow’s the Exhibit’s theme and mechanics, your entry taken outside the Philippines is accepted.
5. Q: Aside from the required hashtags for #PIPE4, can I use my favorite hashtags in my entries? 
A: You may use your favorite hashtags in your entries. Just do not forget to include the required hashtags for your entry to be considered for the qualifying round.  The required hashtags are:
  • #KalyePH
  • #KalyePH2015
  • #IGersManila
  • #IGersPhilippines
6. Q: Can I submit photos that are not square? 
A: We shall only consider photos that are in squares. This is to make full use of Instagram’s square frame.

Have other questions not listed above? Comment below or follow and tag @IGersManila’s #TheMods @cclozano @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27 in Instagram. Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR


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