Pinoy IGer part of Apple’s #ShotInIphone6 campaign

His #ShotIniPhone6 photo is part of Apple’s World Gallery.

He tagged @IGersManila in his visual story of an Instagram’er (or IGer for short) proudly posing for a posterity shot behind a huge billboard in one of Singapore’s shopping centers. That Apple billboard ad of #ShotIniPhone6 photo in the background is his.

Online, he is known as @fabomania in Instagram. In the offline world, he is Francis Olarte, 31 , Filipino and is a Civil Engineer doing property management in Singapore. He, too, is a freelance travel photographer.

I am always be thankful that I am chosen to be part of Apple’s World Gallery for iPhone6. It was definitely a crazy journey since the launch and I am just so happy seeing my photo go places worldwide. Listed below are the complete locations of my photo around the world. If anyone of you spot them please take a snap and let me know. Much Love, Francis O. #AppleWorldGallery #WorldGallery #ShotoniPhone6 #iPhoneonly Singapore (The Verge) Singapore (Midpoint Orchard) Los Angeles, United States New York, United States San Francisco, United States London, United Kingdom Paris, France Berlin, Germany Frankfurt, Germany Hamburg, Germany Munich, Germany Madrid, Spain Zurich, Switzerland Istanbul, Turkey Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mumbai, India Delhi, India Sydney, Australia Melbourne, Australia Tokyo, Japan Osaka, Japan Seoul, Korea Beijing, China Chengdu, China Guangzhou, China Hangzhou, China Nanjing, China Shanghai, China Shenzhen, China Mexico City, Mexico

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We got in touch with him and requested an interview to get to know him more. Starting in Instagram

      • How long have you been in Instagram? When did you start?


  @fabomania: I have been using Instagram since 2010 and it all started that I am so excited about the filters the app is offering. I can still remember back then only a few people have an idea what Instagram was.

      • Who were your inspiration when you were still a newbie in Instagram?


  @fabomania: I have no specific inspiration that time but I can still remember that I am just looking forward to share my photos especially my recent travel to the US.

      • Do you have a theme for your photos in Instagram? If so, what is it?


  @fabomania: I don’t have any specific theme but I somehow use my IG account like an online visual diary.

      • What do you find most interesting in IG?


  @fabomania: Given that we are in Instagram because of photos but another interesting part is finding new friends that you can share your same passion and craft.  

Apple World Gallery

  • How did you learn about the Apple World Gallery?

@fabomania: The Apple World Gallery for iPhone6 is not a contest that I joined in. It was a campaign that Apple is preparing since last year. They sourced photos that were uploaded in the internet like in Instagram, Facebook, Flickr etc.

  • What’s the process you went through for you to be selected?

@fabomania: I received an anonymous email last December inviting me for a mobile photography project if I am interested. So I guess there’s nothing wrong with it, so in good faith I replied with the sender and eventually after a few correspondence I later found out that I am being considered for an Apple campaign for iPhone6. I was also informed that the US-based team instructed the Singapore team to look for me locally.

  • Would you know how many entries were submitted? How many were you in the final list of picks for the iPhone 6 shot?

@fabomania: As far as I know, the search for iPhone6 shots started as many as 4,000 photos worldwide until it was finalized.  If my memory serves me well, we are 77 photographers chosen out of thousands. 57 photos were uploaded in the Apple World Gallery on their website but I think only 23 photos will placed to huge billboards in 24 countries and I am lucky enough that I am included. Here in Singapore, the largest billboard belongs now to my photo located near Sim Lim Square at the Verge Shopping Mall.

  • How were you notified about the contest results?

@fabomania: The good news was passed to me only a few days before the March 2 launch. It was a very memorable moment for me! If you can imagine 🙂

  • Your photo is featured all over the world through Apple’s ads. Can you share with us which countries have already shared your photo?

@fabomania: Currently I have a list of the full locations.
29 cities worldwide are cited in the list but as of now I only have a glimpsed of my ads here in Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York City, Milan and Guangzhou. I am still looking forward to my ads in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Istanbul, Mumbai and many more.

  • Do you know of any other Pinoys who entered into the contest?

@fabomania: As far as I know, we are 3 filipinos. Cielo from California (red umbrella photo) and Karla from Manila (Halong Bay photo)

My photo has been giving me non-stop surprises. I woke up seeing an Instagram tagged of my fellow Starbucks brother @mac_alexis that he just saw my photo on a huge billboard in the streets of Paris then the next thing I know I am looking on another photo of the said huge billboard located at the Opéra Garnier district exactly near W Hotel Paris with the iconic Eiffel Tower as backdrop taken by a new Instagram friend @ilvopera thought I only have the photo at the train station that I posted the other day. I didn’t know Paris got me something as huge as this. Hang on there! Please wait for me! I am just so thankful for this memorable experience. Another shoutout to @limon_del_caribe for finding my Gare de l’Est photo! See you soon, Nathy! #AppleWorldGallery #WorldGallery #ShotiniPhone6 #Paris #OperaGarnier #whotelparis #iPhoneonly #vsco #vscocam #vscogrid

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Future Plans

      • Can you share with us your future plans regarding your photography?


  @fabomania: Well, definitely I will continue taking photographs and most of all more using my iPhone6. I am so amazed on how this gadget has evolved as a very powerful tool for representing visuals. Living the purpose of the campaign I can actually count on my smartphone anytime and anywhere. I am looking forward to share more wonderful photos using iPhone6 on my upcoming trips in the coming months.

      • What is your message for aspiring phoneographers — especially Filipinos who are just starting in Instagram?


  @fabomania: Well, my message for all those aspiring mobile photographers especially Filipino iPhone users is that work closely with the capabilities of your mobile phones. Don’t underestimate what it can offer you. Always be inspired and creative every time you take a snap. Tend to play with the available natural lights surrounding the moment to add characters and drama to your photos. Be unique and don’t go with norms especially with your photo composition. If hashtag is needed don’t be afraid to use one. By the way, my story became possible through the power of hashtag. Just continue shooting and learning.

Follow @fabomania on IG and see how he continuously keep instagram’ing the world.

Check the gallery of photos compiled by Apple for World Gallery here. 

Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

*All photos used in this article are credited to @fabomania. 

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