Memoirs of a First-Time Exhibitor

It was in an exhibit that sparked in me the interest of becoming an Instagramer.

There I was in Glorietta seeing happy faces of proud exhibitors wayback 2012. Back then, I never understood why they were happy. It was a proud moment for them–which; as a spectator, everything seemed clueless and naive.

Then I became an Instagramer. For a person who seemed ‘late’ in joining this platform, I was never given a chance of having a screenshot of the phrase “Your photo made it to the popular page“. All I know is that every 9AM I should check what’s the theme of the day; take pictures or scan through hundreds in my gallery, and upload it 9PM sharp. You’d wake up the next day; well, somewhat hopeful and praying your entry is a #photopick.

Then one morning, I was picked. It became addicting, and was indeed a healthy vice. Then another photo was picked; then the next, and the next. There I saw progress in my feed. I had a more scrutinizing taste on what to post or not. I even found my own support group, which later turned to kins. Sharing apps, Apple ID passwords, styles and techniques.

When #KalyePH was launched November last year, I was honestly skeptic. Personally, I was never a fan of street photography. I never saw myself walking side street, taking photos. But there I was having my own entry, and was an exhibitor myself.

I finally understood why those happy faces in Glorietta 2013:

It feels great having your art immortalized; more so, exhibited.

Join us this year, as #KalyePH strips down all the colors and tones down the vibrancy. The 3rd Philippine Instagram Exhibit will showcase “Street Photography in Monochrome“. As the deadline of entry submission officially ended; let us start the countdown of welcoming all the finalists slash exhibitors, and usher the winners of this year’s exhibit.

Weeks from now, new stories of Instagraming will begin; Inspirations from exhibited immortalized art to unfold, and smiles will soon be painted.

Come on, let’s snap, filter and share. And keep the good vibes rolling!

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