Life as #TheColl

The Collaborators (#TheColl) is a group of Instagramers (in short, IGers) from @IGersManila that is tasked to work hand-in-hand (or “collaborate”) with The Moderators (#TheMods) on projects and events. It was initially launched in 2013, and was relaunched in October 2014.

I was one of the first batches of IGers who joined this group. @IGersmanila has been a very important part of my Instagram life, so when the registration for #TheColl opened, I grabbed the opportunity to join because for me, this is somehow my way of giving back to the community.

Being #TheColl is just fun and easy.  You just have to “create, share and inspire” and live up to the mantra: “Keep the good vibes rolling!”.

Check out the list below and if you are up for the challenge, register to be #TheColl this 2016.

1. Create an atmosphere of good vibes.

@IGersManila has been known to hold fun-filled instameets and photoshoots. Be open to communicate with your fellow IGers during these events! Be interactive and proactive when it comes helping out on projects and activities.  Be a member of  the committee (a.k.a #TheComm) — a set of #TheColl that organizes a particular #IGMNL event.

2. Share your awesome ideas and thoughts.

From time to time, we attend meetings with #TheMods to plan for @IGersManila’s upcoming activities and projects. These meetings were coined as #MusterDate — a general assembly of #TheColl. From the #MusterDate,  we get first-hand information on exciting things that @IGersManila are cooking up for its followers. #MusterDates also turn into fun activities — like awarding ceremonies, impromptu photoshoot, or live fast talk a la #IGMNLonViber #ViberPublicChats.

We also have instant meetings online which we call #TheShift facilitated by Daddy C (@cclozano). Here, we discuss activites or projects in a breeze.  We get to share our ideas, questions, and comments about the topic/s right away.

On Viber Public Chat, and on LINE, we got to talk about all sorts of stuff other than instagramming, and from there we develop deeper relationships with each other.

3. Inspire fellow IGers. 

Aside from these benefits/opportunities, another great thing about being #TheColl is we get to be recognized and be an inspiration to others.

Just like Cody Organo (@decode_e), who just recently was awarded as Most Active #TheColl of 2015 on @IGersManila’s Viber Public Chat.

“My goal is to influence and inspire people and that won’t be possible without joining #TheColl. The award is basically a voucher that depicts how and where I stand as a collaborator,” shared Cody.

“The #PhotoPicks, sample photos, blog entries, daily conversation in #ViberPublicChat, and the instameets give me enough reasons to do better on my current role as #TheColl. As we always quote, #KTGVR”, he added.

Are you up for the challenge?  Be a part of #TheColl by clicking this link!

Be one of us! 🙂

Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

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