KalyePH2014 Mechanics

(UPDATE 6) The 3rd Philippine Instagram Exhibit #IGEXhibitPH003 will adopt the theme “#KalyePH2014: Street Photography in Monochrome”.

Entries must strictly adhere to the exhibit theme. Participants should submit visual stories in black and white.

@IGersManila reserves the right to exclude any entry, which, in its sole discretion, does not adhere to the exhibit theme.


There shall be two stages of the contest.

  • Submission of Exhibit Entries

@IGersManila will accept entries from September 21, 2014 until October 5, 2014 only.

  • Announcement of Exhibit Finalists

@IGersManila shall announce the Exhibit Finalists on October 12, 2014. Finalists have until October 18, 2014 to comply with the requirements for the exhibit.


  • Participants must be at least 16 years old at the time of the first official announcement of the exhibit submission (i.e. September 21, 2014).
  • The exhibit is open to all Filipino Instagram’ers.
  • The participant should be a registered member of #iCoss. Not yet a member? Register here.


  • The entry to be submitted should be a digital photo taken with a smartphone or tablet with a corresponding title and caption.
  • The caption must indicate the place where the photo was taken, and must have an accurate description of what the photo is about.
  • The entry should be posted in Instagram from September 21, 2014 to October 5, 2014 carrying only the following hashtags during the submission of entries:
    • #KalyePH
    • #IGersManila
    • #IGersPhilippines


  • @IGersManila shall email the finalists for the exhibit on October 12, 2014.
  • The finalists should submit the unedited and the final/posted photo via email to igersmanila@gmail.com not later than Oct 18, 2014  (Saturday) 11:59 p.m.
  • An entry fee of PHP 500.00 per photo submission shall be paid via bank deposit. (Bank account details to follow) The entry fee will cover expenses for the exhibit.
  • A clear scanned copy of the bank cash deposit payment should be included in the email to @IGersManila. @IGersManila will confirm the entry via email.


  1. Entries to be submitted should only be taken by a smartphone, a tablet or a mobile phone with camera.
  2. Entries maybe edited/enhanced using mobile applications only. Entries edited using software that involves the use of desktop/laptop is not allowed.
  3. The following photos  are disqualified:
  • Photos that have been previously submitted or have won in any local or international photography contest.
  • Photos that violate a person’s rights including, but not limited to copyright and privacy.
  • Photos that contain obscene, sexually explicit, offensive or any other objectionable or inappropriate content
  • Photos bearing images of public officials.


By participating in the #IGExhibitPH003, the participating Instagram’er acknowledges and attests that:

  • The submitted photo is a single work of original material created and taken solely by the Instagram’er;
  • The photo does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights of any person or entity and that no other party has any right, title, claim or interest in the photograph;
  • @IGersManila reserves the right to disqualify any photo at any time for any cause.


The entries shall be judged based on the following criteria:

    • Adherence to theme/Content  – 25%
    • Creativity and Originality – 25%
    • Photographic Quality – 25%
    • Visual Impact – 25%

The decision of the judges are final and not appealable.


The following awards and prizes are at stake for #KalyePH2014

#KalyePH2014 Visitors’ Choice

  • This  award shall be selected from the roster of the finalists for #KalyePH2014.
  • Selection of winner shall be done via voting of visitors (non-finalists) of the Exhibit.
  • The winner of this special prize will receive exciting prizes from partners and sponsors plus  certificate of recognition.

#KalyePH2014 Most Popular Visual Story Online

  • This  award shall be selected from the roster of the finalists for #KalyePH2014.
  • Selection of winner shall be done via online voting through the @IGersManila’s Facebook page, Instagram Account or voting application.
  • The winner of this special prize will receive exciting prizes from partners and sponsors plus  certificate of recognition.

#KalyePH2014  Exhibitor’s Choice

  • This award shall be selected from the roster of the finalists for #KalyePH2014.
  • Instagram’ers participating in the exhibit shall choose entries (that is not their own entry) and shall be voted as Exhibitor’s choice.
  • Exhibit entry with the most number of votes shall be declared Exhibitor’s choice.
  • The winner of this special prize will receive exciting prizes from partners and sponsors plus certificate of recognition.

#KalyePH2014 Visual Story of the Year 2014

  • The visual story garnering the highest average score based on the criteria for judging shall be declared the Visual Story Teller of the Year 2014.
  • The winner of this award shall receive exciting prizes from partners and sponsors plus certificate of recognition.


  • @IGersManila may use the entries of the #KalyePH2014 in its social media platforms to promote the event.
  • The entries are sole propriety of the Instagram’er.
  • @IGersManila reserves the right to modify the mechanics of #KalyePH2014 as may be deemed necessary by #TheMods and the exhibit sponsors and partners.

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