#KalyePH2014 F.A.Q.s

The following are questions raised by our fellow #iCoss members. We are compiling them, and sharing with you:

  1. Q: I posted my entry for #KalyePH during Sept. 21 and Oct. 5. However, I used other hashtags aside from the required in #KalyePH. This resulted to my entry being featured (or was a photopick) in other IG hubs. Is my entry still valid?
    • A: Part of the mechanics is that your entry should not have been part of any other photo contests either in Instagram or outside Instagram. To avoid being disqualified, only use the hashtags required for #KalyePH during the duration of the submission of entries.
  2. Q: Can I submit entries that are not square?
    • A: Ideally, the submitted entry for #KalyePH is square. However, you are not limited to the  square shape. You can have your entries in 16 by 9, 7 by 5 or any size you want. Please note, that on printing your entry, we will print it in a square canvas. Think of how you want your entry printed on a square frame.
  3. Q: How many finalist shall there be for #KalyePH?
    • A: The number of finalists shall be determined by #TheMods and the exhibit’s partners and sponsor. This number shall be revealed on the Exhibit on November 2014.
  4. Q: Can we submit entries that are taken outside the Philippines?
    • A: As long as it follow’s the Exhibit’s theme and mechanics, your entry (taken outside the Philippines) is accepted.
  5. Q: I have entries that are in full color. Are these photos valid?
    • A: #IGExhibitPH003 will feature visual stories in black and white, as such entries submitted (in full color) will not be accepted.
  6. Q: How many entries can I submit for #KalyePH?
    • A: You may post as may entries as you can from Sept. 21 to Oct. 5.
  7. Q: I submitted 5 entries, and I was chosen as finalist. How many of my photos will be in Exhibit?
    • A: Regardless of the number of entries submitted, only  one final entry per IGer for the exhibit shall be considered.
  8. Q: I joined the #9pmhabit for #kalyePH. Are my photos considered entries already?
    • A: No. We have a specific duration for the exhibit entry submission–that is Sept. 21 to Oct. 5. Only photos posted in Instagram following the mechanics shall be considered for the Exhibit.

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