Join @IGersManila’s #TheColl

This year, @IGersManila will be soaring higher than ever. We will be stepping up and bringing forth new experiences in sharing our captured precious moments and frozen time. To help us realize this, we are looking for collaborators who are willing to share their talent and and the same time  level up their visual storytelling.

If you:

  1. are a Filipino of legal age, located/residing/working anywhere in the world;
  2. have a public Instagram account with at least 100 photos and 100 followers;
  3. are an #IGHeartAttack addict and loves interacting with fellow IGers;
  4. proudly shares unique Pinoy sights and culture to the huge and constantly growing IG community; and
  5. are not a part of an Instagram group requiring exclusive membership

express your interest to join #TheColl by accomplishing the form here

Keep the good vibes rolling!

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