#TheMods @iPetim’s talk at PUP

I was greeted by 2015 with “talks”. Last January, we just had our #CreateShareInspire talk at SM North Edsa about Instagramming 101. After that I was asked by my ex-OJT Jeremiah ‘Miah’ Noriel, a senior Marketing student at PUP to be part of their seminar this February. I thought – of course, why not. That’ll be fun. At least I’ll be doing something solo for a change. As the weeks went by, and as my workload and other activities were making me too occupied to finish my slides, my next thoughts changed and became something like this – I don’t think I can finish my slides on time or even do a speech. I was about to text Miah to tell her that I can’t do it, but then I thought, she needed this. They needed this and they’re counting on me to help them with their project. I don’t think I will be able to sleep at night if I knew in my heart that I failed some people. In short, I decided to take the plunge, and just finish the slides.

On the day of the seminar, I was greeted by her team, the Erudite Productions. They were definitely prepared and I was awed by how they transformed SM City Sta Mesa Cinema 9 into a place that looked like it was made for seminars and not movies. They have an AVP, glow-in-the-dark bracelets in tow, and snacks prepared. That gave me the boost I needed. The realization that this group really prepared, worked hard for this seminar, and was able to make it happen despite the odds. I decided right there and then that I will try to give them my best effort because they only deserve the best.


There are only two scheduled speakers for their seminar entitled “Metamorphosis: Unfolding The World of Digital”. Yours truly and Mr. TJ Villanueva, or more known as “Coach TJ”. Since I’m going first, I decided to do a short ice breaker the IGersManila way;  our trademark Pass the Energy and Massage Clinic. As I was talking, I noticed that my more or less six hundred audience were very responsive and loves to laugh, so I injected humor in my topics so that I wont lose their attention. I wanted them to laugh and to learn at the same time. Thankfully, it worked. My topic was a bit serious, so the jokes and laughs balanced out my talk. Here is the keynote and videos I used for my talk:

And thanks to Ryan @nagaryan Pesimo who accompanied me on that day and even took photos and videos of me, I was able to do a short video of my presentation. I never saw myself as someone funny, because I’m really not. I don’t know what happened on that day, I just felt like I wanted to throw out jokes and make everyone laugh. Let’s just say, I love the crowd. The energy and positive vibes were contagious. You be the judge, and watch the video below:

After the talk, I was surprised that everyone clapped. Because I kind of felt I was just out there to do a skit. I was afraid that they didn’t learn anything at all. Thankfully they did, and they enjoyed the talk. How did I know that they loved it? Well, let’s just say I gained new teen friends, and I received positive messages and comments regarding it. It was priceless. Little did they know, that it was I who learned a lot from them. Their enthusiasm in learning and trying something new is an eye-opener that the youth of today is not yet a lost cause. They will make it happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ll be bumping into them on events a few years from now. They seem to be the people who will make it through and will be successful in doing so. And you bet, I’ll be one of those people who will be so proud of them.

With that, I would like to thank the whole Erudite Productions, Professor Angelina Goyenechea of PUP for the opportunity and most of all, for trusting me. I’m looking forward in meeting them all again.

Keep the good vibes rolling, PUP!


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