Instagram’able – Food Edition

What makes a food so appealing? Should it be picture perfect? Instagram’able?

Instagram’able is a word used to define anything that appears so good that you don’t want to just enjoy them with your eyes, but you’ll want to snap a photo and post it on social media.

Ever since I started @foodamology (the beki insights on foods of anything delicious on Instagram), I could say that I’ve seen photos of every possible dish you could imagine. Be it pastries to pancakes, refreshments to desserts, and even steaks and ribs. And then I thought, which is the most “instagram’able” food out of these thousands of tagged photos?

So I listed a few of each food group from my #Foodamology account and here’s what I found out. (Note that the actual count are subject to change)

Our top 5 is #Salad with 6,951,096 hashtags

IGM - Instagramable Food Edition 5

You would definitely agree with me when I say that green is healthy. I always find green photos appealing because of the beautiful contrast it gives when you throw in other colors like orange, red, and brown. Kudos to the health conscious, not only that a bowl of salad is good for you, it’s also a way of showing the world that you are eating healthy.

#Sushi is at Top 4 with 10,209,809 hashtags

IGM - Instagramable Food Edition 4

Who doesn’t love sushi? They are easy to eat plus it has tons of variety. These tiny creation are carefully hand-crafted topped with fancy different toppings which makes them not only delectably good, but very appealing.

Top 3 is #Pizza with 11,054,771 hashtags

IGM - Instagramable Food Edition 3

Pizza is very famous because of its Italian origin. This flattened bread topped with tomato sauce and cheese have been immortalized in different ways. Others have gone beyond the usual pizza, each has its own version and claims that theirs is the best! So pizza is definitely on our instagram’able list.

#Cake is Top 2 with 25,729,309 hashtags

IGM - Instagramable Food Edition 2

A very popular dessert, cake is a sweet baked food that everybody loves. This confectionery is a staple for birthdays, weddings and many events with decorations from simple to uber fabulous. Made in different forms and shapes, cakes are available in any color, size and shape.

And the Top 1 on our count-down of the Instagram’able list is #Coffee with a whopping 27,448,322 hashtags!

IGM - Instagramable Food Edition 1

You can have it dark. Some prefers it sweetened. You can add whip cream or perhaps milk either whole or skim. Some may want it over-iced. Others would like it extra hot! Be it brewed, instant, frappe or iced. Coffee has always been a number one staple drink of people around the world.

A lot of coffee companies both global and local invest huge amounts of money to advertise coffee to aim to be the best and to encourage people to drink more coffee.

I remember reading an article on reasons why people drink coffee at a certain time of a day.
1. A morning coffee fuels you up.
2. An afternoon coffee is to keep you relaxed.
3. A late night coffee is for your recall.

And as a coffee drinker, I prefer mine freshly brewed, bitter-sweet. I have to admit that I always take a photo of my coffee and would somehow share it online. So yes, I am part of that 27 million who use the hashtag #coffee. (And I hope the person reading this could relate!)

So the next time you eat, before you even take a bite, take a second look at your food. You might not know, but your food could be appealing or picture perfect. Remember the word “Instagram’able” – take a snap of it, put some filter, and share it online.

Happy Beki Eating! #Foodamology

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