Instagram and Facebook

Rumors have been floating around since last year that Facebook has been trying to acquire Instagram, now with over 30 million users, and growing rapidly, thanks to its recent release of the Android counterpart app.

This early Tuesday morning (PHT) it’s been confirmed, much to IGers’ mixed reactions, that Facebook has indeed snatched up Instagram for a whopping one billion US dollars (cash and stock options). Read the statements from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram’s Kevin Systrom.

While this seems to be a scary development, @IGersManila can only think of positive and creative possibilities – Instagram with even more awesome features and getting more “social” with photos and stories exchanged to a massive community – though there’s no denying these might shoo away IGers who’ve enjoyed the simplicity of Instagram that we all came to love and can’t help but get addicted to.

As for @IGersManila, we’ll continue keeping the good vibes rolling in Instagram!

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