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For us phoneographers that have all the basic stuff we need for taking and editing photos, nothing would delight us more than to receive something to complement our interest such as additional equipment that can help us perfect our phone-taken pictures. Things like a phone with a more powerful lenses for sharper shots or a bigger screen for better viewing and editing, or external lenses to help us capture our subjects from a variety of angles. Even more than all of that, I believe that a worthy addition to our toolkit, which we can hope to receive from our “secret Santas” or our loved ones would be the GorillaPod for smartphones – a state-of-the-art tripod that will help us maintain stability when taking photos under unique circumstances.

GripTight GorillaPod

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive something that will elevate one’s phone photo capturing skills and ensure that we no longer miss the chance to take random subjects no matter? GorillaPod is a unique tripod brand known created by JOBY. This line specifically for smartphones incorporates an adjustable grip that fits all iPhones, Android and Windows phones with or without case. Whether positioned straight or sideways, its rubber grip pads secure your phone while the internal steel springs allow the mount to expand to the size of your device. Take out-of-the-box photos using up to 24 grippy leg joints that bend and rotate 360 degrees. It can also be extended further if connected to all other GorillaPods and most other tripods without about set up and break down as it has a quick-release clip for easy use on-the-go.


“The world isn’t flat, which is why we invented the GorillaPod. We think your tripod should adapt to even the most uneven terrain and so the entire world can become your personal photography studio.”

The company creates well-designed, revolutionary products that inspire a creative and active lifestyle, hence, the birth of GorillaPod. It has become the world’s most loved camera tripod as it addresses the consumers need for new and better ways to capture photos (different angles, new perspectives, stability in long exposures, etc.). They boast of their proprietary “ball + socket” industrial design that solves for heavy camera weight and stability in virtually any environment, as well as exceptional materials that withstand the rigor or everyday use. Aside from camera tripods, they also offer other similarly fantastic products such as camera straps, GoPro mounts and tripods, phone stands and flashlights.

IGersManila Partnership

JOBY has been partnering with IGersmanila for two years now in various events. They have sponsored #KalyePH — the 2nd Philippine Instagram Exhibit in 2013.

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On Saturday, 6-December-2014, during this year’s #IGNitePH2014 Yearender Instameet, JOBY will have demo items for IGers to test and try out. They will also be sponsoring prizes for lucky #iCoss members.

So include the GorillaPod in your wish list or simply come and join us at #IGNitePH2014 for a chance to take home one of their awesome products!

RSVP here to join us for #IGnitePH2014 at Tramway Buffet Plaza, Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City on Saturday, 6-December-2014.

Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr


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