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#IGMNLonCampus Ad

IGMNLonCampus Ad

The College of Computer Studies and System Student Council from University of the East Manila invited @IGersManila’s  #TheMods Carl Lozano, Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta to have a talk on Instagramming 101: #CreateShareInspire. Attended by 30 UE students from different courses, the talk was held September 15, 2015  at the Basic Lab B (BLB) of University of the East, Sampaloc, Manila.

IGMNL - IGMNLonCampus - UE

IGMNLonCampus – “Circle” of Energy

The event started with @IGersManila’s signature ‘Pass the Energy’ as an icebreaker to the students.

The talk was subdivided into three topics, the first is ‘Create’ that was supposed to be shared by Daddy C but because he wasn’t able to come, Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta handled that topic. This topic focused on how to snap and filter a better visual story.– including the tips and apps to use. #TheColl Snapshooter Reinmar Llamado (@breinmars in IG), who is also a UE student, and Ryan Pesimo (@nagaryan in IG)  joined the talk to share and demo apps to use for phone photography or phoneography.

@nagaryan demonstrated how to use the VSCO app wherein he shared different preset filters and the new features of VSCO, while @breinmars shared his knowledge about the Phono app — different features of the app like image overlays and of course the texts. He also shared how to install fonts to phonto online.

IGMNL - IGMNLonCampus - UE2

IGMNLonCampus – iPetim discussing “Share”

The next one is the ‘Share’ topic explained by @iPetim. The discussion centered on the do’s and dont’s for Instagram’ing. She also explained how you’ll gain friends or follower in Instagram.

IGMNLOnCampus - Ed Calaycay's "Inspire" talk

IGMNLOnCampus – Ed Calaycay’s “Inspire” talk

The last topic is ‘Inspire’ explained by @EdCalaycay. The talk revolved around the photos you’ve shared and how will it make a difference in your life, and how to inspire others to do ripple to good vibes.

The talk ended with everyone given an IGersManila pin as a souvenir , while some attendees got an #IGMNL mug.

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Thank you UE Warriors! #KTGVR. Til’ the next #IGMNLOnCampus.

#IGMNLonCampus - UE Attendees

#IGMNLonCampus – UE Attendees

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