IGMNL, #TambayTayo!

Tara, tambay tayo!

This is the usual invite we get from friends when planning to hang out after work or just spend some quality time over the weekend. There are actually a lot of new food and dining spots in the metro if you wish to relax, chill and please your appetite. If you happen to drop by the Kapitolyo area in Pasig, this part of the city has actually become one of the favorite go-to places for food trips and barkada bonding. And the latest addition to what they call the #KapitolyoEats experience is this new gastropub called TaYo, short for Tambayan sa Kapitolyo, that serves your favorite Pinoy breakfast and comfort food along with their local and imported craft beers.

IGersManila had the privilege of trying this new, hip and very instagram’able tambayan during a food instameet held on February 3 and it truly was an experience that did not disappoint.


TaYo’s concept basically was to create a homey atmosphere and safe space where anyone can come and feel included. Located within the confines of The Alley – a hidden complex of stacked shipping-container restaurants at the heart of Kapitolyo, one can easily identify the eskinita vibe leading towards the resto where outside you will be welcomed by their iconic bangko which is a very common element of the tambay idea.

The design of the industrial contemporary interiors was inspired by all the travels the owners have done collectively as a team both international and local. From the Rio de Janeiro-inspired tables and chairs to the tambayan sa kanto memories as a kid, the place has become more distinct because of the added humor expressed through its wall arts and typography.


Pinoy food is TaYo’s main offerings which focused on our all-time favorite breakfasts and comfort food. Why the brunch and beer idea? Apart from breakfast being the most important meal of the day, they also want to highlight a very Pinoy habit of having breakfast at any time of the day and also citing their original concept of urging people to eat their breakfast with beer. Thus, the tag that comes along the restaurant name ‘All Day Brunch and Beer’ was conceived. The awesome collaboration of ideas by its owners has translated to the witty names given to some of the food choices on the menu. From the queenly LumPia Wurtzbach, our idol PetmaLongganisa, the very alta Truffle Tapa and sure you don’t want to mess with Tokhang Baboy, everything was well-thought-out. In terms of serving size and price, they serve generous portions that would cost you about 180-250PHP. And yes, these plateful meals really taste as good as they look.

Aside from the food, TaYo also offers local and imported craft beers and hard drinks. And as part of their ideology to support local businesses, some of the beers they serve come from local breweries in as near as Makati and as far as Kalinga in the mountain province. These brews (below zero and priced like a regular beer) go perfectly well with their beer matches or pulutan like Sausage Party, Rock Salt Chicharon Bulaklak and Yaya’s Crispy Pata.


What is a tambayan without the people?

TaYo is not just a place, because TaYo is also “We”. From its staff to the owners, TaYo is off to a very promising start in building an all-inclusive community. The sense of belongingness here is effortless. It’s like your new found barkada whom you’re comfortably catching up on over brunch or singing your heart out while finishing your last bottle of beer. Indeed, a new friendly neighborhood tambayan has arrived.



Tambay na sa TaYo and enjoy their #HoppyHour promo from 5-9PM daily where you can get your local and imported beers at discounted prices. Other promos and happenings include:

Trippy Tuesday – Discounts on imported beers.
What the Craft Wednesday – Discounts on local craft beers.
Thirsty Thursday – Discounts on all local beers.
Hey Friday – Discounts on shared plates if you order beers.
Tambay Saturday – 10 Pesos off on all beers.
Sunday Swabe Sunday – Jamming night.

For store schedule and event bookings, you may visit their official Facebook and Instagram social media accounts.

Tara, tambay na TaYo! Keep the good vibes rolling!

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