#IGMNL goes beyond the frame for Worldwide Instameet 12 #WWIM12

Following @Instagram’s announcement for Worldwide Instameet 12 #WWIM12 on the weekeend of October 3-4, 2015,  @IGersManila, the official Philippine representative at the Instagramers.com network of Instagram cities and international communities created by Philippe Gonzalez, joins the Instagram’ing communities around the world for #WWIM12.

Set just a few days before Instagram’s 5th birthday, the theme for this #WWIM12 will  be portraits of people you meet — a celebration of the vibrant and diverse community that IG has grown through the five years since its inception.

Being the pioneering community in the Philippines, @IGersManila goes beyond the frame as it takes Instagram’ing into visual storytelling.

“This #IGMNL instameet shall be very different from all the #WWIM instameets we had organized. We’d like to share to the world what our passion for phoneography can do for the social good,” shared Carl Lozano, founder of @IGersManila.

“As always, this will still be fun as we stay true to our tagline #KTGVR, (Keep the Good Vibes Rolling). But we go beyond what we usually do to make this #WWIM12 and 5th Instagram Community Birthday more meaningful for us and our Pinoy IGers,” added Petim Maminta, @IGersManila’s Moderator and Press Relations Manager.

Join us as we go beyond the frame for #WWIM12. Register at http://bit.ly/wwim12ph.

Keep the good vibes rolling! #KGTVR

*Feature photo screengrabbed from Instagram.com

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