IGersManila at Banana Split Extra Scoop

IGersManila has always been an advocate of good vibes, and watching a show that gives us the laughs is an experience definitely worth it! #TheMods and #TheColl had an amazing time watching Banana Split Extra Scoop that showed us how to keep the energy alive.

Special thanks to Direk Jemster Reyes of Banana Split Extra Scoop for accommodating us, and of course to Mr. John Prats who greeted us live and let us took a picture with him backstage.




Some of us were even seen on TV on the April 18, 2015 episode. Thanks to our #TheColl @reyjohnino for capturing that split second exposure.





Watch out for the next episode of Banana Split Extra Scoop and you might be seeing IGersManila again. Keep the good vibes rolling!


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