IGersManila’s wide-eyed exploration at The Mind Museum

When Nikki Solatorio of Greenbulb Public Relations, the communications agency of The Mind Museum invited IGersManila to attend The “Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration” – The Mind Museum’s Media Family Day last Saturday (March 22, 2014), we excitedly agreed. This was not our first time at the museum, last September 2013 we were lucky to witness the “Da Vinci The Genius” exhibit on the works and creations of the inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci.

#TheMods Ed Calaycay and Petim Maminta were accompanied by close friends and also members of #iCOSS such as Ryan Pesimo, Allan Flora, Angela Ramirez, Donnie Gamboa, and Raymond Sagun.

#TheMods and #iCoss with Kyle Imao - the first ever Junior MasterChef of the Philippines

#TheMods and #iCoss with Kyle Imao – the first ever Junior Master Chef of the Philippines

The Mind Museum welcomed their guests with Food Passports where we can taste delicious treats such as the Tiramisu Pots from Kyle’s Lab, sweet cupcakes and cake pops from Sophie’s Mom, refreshing ice cream from Sebastian’s Ice Cream, and mouth-watering pizza and nachos from Uncle Cheffy’s.

Guests were given a challenge: to complete the Wide-Eyed Wanderer’s Exploration Passport with stickers collected from The Mind Museum summer programs. Some of the programs we have went through are the Crime Scene Investigation 101, Marine Science Camp, the Apocalyse Project – Imagined Futures, and we even got a sticker just by watching the planetarium show entitled “Back to the Moon for Good” narrated by actor Tim Allen.

It was an incredible day and most of us felt like we were kids again with that unforgettable journey of exploring, learning, and experiencing science. It was no surprise why The Mind Museum has been going strong for the past two years of science, exploration, and creativity and has even gained international recognition. Because inside The Mind Museum, science really comes alive.

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