@IGersManila founder is finalist at #TattAwards2013

@IGersManila’s founder, @CCLozano, is a finalist in the Tatt Awards 2013! Tatt Awards, created by Globe Tattoo, is a ground breaking avenue that recognizes individuals who share Tattoo’s fiery passion for greatness, founded on individuality and a sincere interest to lead by sharing with others.

If in one way or another, #IGersManila has served as an inspiration for you in keeping the good vibes rolling, vote for @CCLozano as Instagram Phenom of the Year!

Just login to the TattAwards2013.com using your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google accounts and vote for #IGersManila’s very own “Daddy C” @CCLozano as Instagram Phenom of the Year. You can vote for him  EVERY HOUR from June 14, 2013 to June 30, 2013. For details of the voting mechanics, go to TattAwards2013.com.

Mabuhay #PinoyIGers! Keep the #goodvibes rolling!

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