IGersManila continues to #CreateShareInspire at SM City East Ortigas’s KidCon 2017

Last May 2017, we were invited by SM City East Ortigas to take part in its Kid Con 2017 Summer Camp, along with other organizations, to offer a variety of creative and artistic endeavors and fun activities ideally for kids who are on school break or summer vacation.

IMG_2828 IGersManila was assigned to present Social Media Boot Camp every Thursday afternoon. Together with fellow moderator Petim Maminta and collaborator Brian Kevin Felix, we took to heart the challenge of coming up with a simplified, toned down keynote yet catchy for our young audience, the focus of which is to teach kids the creative tools and learning potential of social networking, especially the visual storytelling aspect of Instagram, and how they can have fun interacting with family and friends.

With proper use of the different social media platforms, and through the permission and guidance of parents or guardians, getting bullied online can easily be prevented. The reason why more than getting followers and lots of likes, we put much emphasis on how kids can protect themselves from trolls and cyberbullies.

We only tackled the big three of the social media space – that’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – while we’re not surprised that most, if not all of them, don’t have accounts in any of these sites, interesting that what they use are their parents’ accounts. That’s understandable as technically you need to be at least 13 years old to sign up. What most of them are very much familiar with though, is Snapchat, probably because of its lenses and face-swapping filters. And yes, we didn’t need to talk about selfies, as this seem to be something they have already mastered. What we did are face-to-face socializing activities IGersManila has been known for – “porky adobo” and “bring me” with a kiddie twist.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy to have obliged to this Social Media Bootcamp for Kid Con 2017, and we’re excited to be sharing the same on our next sharing and learning adventure.

Featured image and poster courtesy of SM City East Ortigas; slideshow photos snapped by Kirk Marcus Lozano.

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