@IGersManila brings you “Kandidato, Anong Plano Mo?” with #IGYourVote

With the Philippine mid-term elections just around the corner, and the candidates putting their best foot forward, @IGersManila felt the need to help in empowering the voting public—not just by voting wisely but by making Instagram an avenue to share issues, problem areas and concerns of the Philippines.


By sharing these visual stories of the Philippines online, we aim to list down and enumerate how we, Pinoy IGers, perceive the problems of our country. This way, we are sharing to the candidates the concerns that we think should be addressed once they are elected in office.

While we keep Instagram’ing the world, let’s not forget to Instagram life – its ups and downs and how we deal with it. In full support of @KandidatoAnongPlanoMo‘s #KandidatoAnongPlanoMo, this campaign season, @IGersManila launches #IGYourVote.

From 22-April-2013 until 12-May-2013, share in Instagram your visual stories of problem areas that need to be addressed in the Philippines.

Start sharing more of your thoughts and your life with your visual stories. This coming elections, let’s #IGYourVote with #KandidatoAnongPlanoMo?

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