@IGersManila – Ayala Land Photo Challenge

Join us at the premiere of the Enchanting Ayala Light and Sound Show at Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City on Friday 16-November-2012, 6:00PM. Get the chance to win an overnight stay at THE MANILA PENINSULA by joining @IGersManila – Ayala Land Photo Challenge – “Make It Magical.”

The mechanics: 

  1. Follow @IGersManila (in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) and @ALIsalescareer (in Twitter and Facebook).
  2. Connect your Instagram to your Twitter account, here’s how.  
  3. Take photos at the premiere of the Enchanting Light and Sound Show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City on 16-November-2012, 6:00PM. 
  4. Post as many of your photos as you can in Instagram, BUT POST ONLY WITHIN THE ALLOTTED TIME.
  5. In the caption, include “A Magical Makati Christmas brought to you by @MakeItMakati and @ALIsalescareer. Visit http://makeitmakati.com #MakeItMakati #AyalaLand #IGersManila #IGersPhilippines”
  6. Entries should not include any visible watermarks. 
  7. Posting of entries shall be from 16-November-2012 8:00PM (PHT / GMT +8:00) up to 17-November-2012 6:00PH (PHT / GMT +8:00). 
  8. Winners shall be announced on 19-November-2012.  
  9. Judges’ choice is final.

The criteria for judging:

  • 40% Relevance to the theme: Magical Makati Christmas
  • 35% Creativity
  • 10% Technical aspects (e.g. clarity, non-pixelization, vividness, contrast, etc.)
  • 10% Originality (i.e. freshness, does not look like a rehashed photo)
  • 5% Overall impact (i.e. catches attention)
Have questions? Follow and tag @IGersManila #TheMods in Instagram @cclozano @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27.

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