IGersManila at the #BratpackRemix

Last 30-June-2014, #IGersManila’s #TheMods were invited to attend Bratpack’s #bratpackremix launch at The Gallery, Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

They featured the 4 local artist who designed their new line of #bratpackremix. These artists are:

Anjo Bolarda, who creates arresting and intricate pieces.

Lala Gallardo, whose art were based from her fascination for indigenous crafts, unusual flora, sci-fi, and vintage photographs.

JP Cuison, who re-imagines pop culture imagery in his work, creating pieces made with acrylic and his electric sense of humor.

and Celina De Guzman, who colors each work with a dreamy palette of pastels.

Special thanks to Ms. KC Aguila and Clytie Choa for inviting #IGersManila.

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