@IGersManila Adapts to Change

True to its mission of fostering creativity through its daily visual storytelling habit focused on positive vibes, @IGersManila has been adapting to changes and trends in Instagram.


Being the kickstarter of Instagram communities in the Philippines, @IGersManila has pioneered organizing the wackiest Instameets and interactive projects/contests.

Going beyond the usual meetups, we have embedded fun and memorable getting-to-know-you activities and always included our uniquely colorful Pinoy visual creativity in photowalks and photoshoots.

Organizing these events for the community is @IGersManila’s team of moderators and collaborators who have been doing this for the sheer passion and love for the photo-sharing app and the huge global community it built.


Being one of the longest running daily photo challenges in Instagram, the #9pmhabit has pioneered featuring outstanding visual stories of Pinoy Instagram’ers.

Initially done via a collage of four outstanding visual art, the #PhotoPick served as the bragging rights for our IGers.

With Instagram’s introduction of videos, we also launched the video collage of the #PhotoPick, with our very own community song #KTGVR playing in the background. This year, with the aim of filling our Instagram feed with posts the community has been sharing, and of visual stories that standout, @IGersManila now features the #PhotoPick individually, as is with no editing.


We continue to represent the bigger population of IGers proudly hashtagging to #IGersManila and doing this for fun, enjoyment, and #AllForLove of the community that brings out the creative expression of Pinoy IGers through phoneography.

As the community grows, we continue to adapt to changes and trends in social media, particularly in collaborating online and offline while we keep on bringing out the ingenuity of IGers in expressing their unique artistry through visual storytelling.

Join us this Saturday 27-June-2015 for #SocialMediaDay2015 at the Museo Pambata Open Grounds, as we collaborate with online communities in celebrating and embracing #ChangePH. This is an opportunity for you to try new apps, new tools, new technologies, as we form new interactions and friendships that help bring about significant changes in how we create, share, and inspire fellow Instagram’ers and netizens online and offline.

Get your free tickets here: http://bit.ly/ChangePH

Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

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