#iCossChallenge – #PLDTMissU #PLDTHomeFibr #KeepTheCrown

As the Philippines play host to this year’s Miss Universe pageant, we’re enjoining fellow Instagrammers to witness the beauty and wit of candidates around the world and share great vibes with visual stories that prove we’re confidently beautiful with a heart. With this #iCossChallenge—we’ll be asking you pageant questions and why we should #KeepTheCrown. So snap, filter, and share visual stories that best express your answers with fitting captions.

Today’s the last day and the question is: “If you would be a Pinoy food, what best represents you?”

Join by simply following these mechanics: (1) Post your answer to the question with a fitting photo and caption on Instagram anytime until January 29, 2017; (2) Make sure to include the hashtags #PLDTMissU #PLDTHomeFibr #KeepTheCrown #iCossChallenge #IGersManila in your Instagram caption; (3) Submit as many entries as you want but use only your own original work.

The most creative photos with crown worthy answers will win @PLDTHome SmartWatch brought to you by #PLDTHomeFibr, bringing you world-class Internet and world-class events. Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

Keep the good vibes rolling! #ktgvr

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