As an IGer, I always want to share my adventures in my IG gallery — be it food, creative outputs  and even my travels.

I haven’t travelled much lately,  but when I do, I  always want to keep my things and gadgets safe and secure.

Last month, @IGersManila #TheMods has been introduced to World Traveller — an international brand of bags, luggage, and accessories.  Their products are built on the S.U.R.F. principle – Simple, Uncomplicated, Reliable, and Fun. Their bags and luggage are simply very functional yet durable and dependable.

Much like their products, World Traveller believes that  travelling is S.U.R.F — it isn’t such a hassle, it can be simple and can be done by everyone.

If you frequently travel for work or for leisure mostly within Asia, go check out World Traveller’s social media pages and check their luggage, bags and travel accessories:

FB: World Traveller 

IG: @WorldTravellerGlobal

And while you are at it, join @IGersManila’s 3-day #9pmhabit for #iAmAWorldTraveller.

Follow the mechanics below, and you might just get a special gift from @WorldTravellerGlobal:

  1. Be sure to be registered in #iCoss — #IGMNL’s Circle Of SnapShooters. If not yet, please register here.
  2. Follow @WorldTravellerGlobal in Instagram.
  3. Join the #9pmhabit for 4-Sept to 6-Sept following the theme of the day.
  4. @IGersManila and @WorldTravellerGlobal shall choose entries that stand out of the grid and be declared as #PhotoPick of the day.
  5. #PhotoPick shall receive a special gift courtesy of @WorldTravellerGlobal.

Questions? Follow and tag @IGersManila #TheMods on Instagram: @cclozano @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27.

Keep the good vibes rolling!  #KTGVR

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