Got an #IGersManila #9pmhabit idea?

Hi fellow Pinoy IGers!

In behalf of @IGersManila #TheMods, I’d like to ask you to get involved in our Instagram community by sharing your ideas for the #IGersManila #9pmhabit daily photo challenge.

We’ll need:

  1. a weekly theme with a unique hashtag, for example, we previously asked for WATER-related photos tagged with #IGAcuatica;
  2. specific day-to-day photo challenges from Sunday through Saturday, for example with #IGAcuatica week, we started Sunday – DEW OR DROPLETS OF WATER, Monday – UMBRELLA, and so on;
  3. sample photos and the photo edit/filter/effect apps used.

Should your #9pmhabit idea be selected, we’ll of course credit it to you and feature your Instagram feed along with your #IGersManila #9pmhabit weekly theme and daily photo challenges – we’ll even give you the opportunity to choose your #PhotoPick!

Don’t forget to register to be in the Circle of Snapshooters #iCoss and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can either email us at igersmanila@gmail.comsubmit via ask, or if you’re on Tumblr, simply reply to this post.

Thanks and keep the good vibes rolling in Instagram!

So, what’s your #IGersManila #9pmhabit?

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