#GlobeIGers Winners – 11th Batch

CONGRATULATIONS to @EnjoyGlobe #IGersManila #GlobeIGers winners @dearjohn26_pf @cha_cha27 @meandmysummersky @sofarahway @viclagana @reatots – the eleventh batch who will take part in an exclusive photowalk by @EnjoyGlobe.

We are “ON! With the good vibes!” and we’ll continue with the next theme and photo challenge as we look for the next batch of Pinoy IGers to join us in an exclusive photowalk with @EnjoyGlobe and get the chance to showcase their visual artistry in the first ever Philippine Instagram Photo Exhibit this October 2012.

Have questions? Follow and tag @IGersManila #TheMods in Instagram @cclozano @edcalaycay @ipetim @pinkipop27

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