GIF’s gone kaput

UPDATE: Instagram reactivates GIF feature in IG Stories (March 30, 2018)

Over the weekend, if you’ve been trying to add GIF stickers to your Instagram Stories and couldn’t find it or thought something’s wrong with the app, well you’re not missing out as we thought the same. But no, Instagram’s working fine as there are no reports of downtime and you can actually find the GIF feature hidden, just swipe to the recent tab, though no stickers will ever load, trending or with any search.

Blame it on a racist GIF uncovered by Instagrammers, apparently Instagram has suspended the GIF stickers sourced from the library provided by GIPHY. The disturbing GIF, showing a white man with a microphone directing a gorilla turning a crank, read “N***** Crime Death Counter – Keep Cranking Bonzo, the Numbers Just Keep on Climbing!” was actually first caught when searching “crime” on the rival Snapchat, but both companies have since temporarily pulled GIF stickers and are reportedly making further reviews.

It’s a bug according to GIPHY issuing an apology in a statement and is currently hand-checking its entire library. Guess we’ll have to wait until that’s clear and GIPHY’s all fun again.


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