GIF Stickers & Type Mode in Instagram Stories

Instagram ended 2017 by releasing features to make photo sharing more organized, memorable, and live/interactive: stories highlights and stories archive, the ability to follow hashtags the way you do with fellow IGers, and sending a live video via direct.

Instagram welcomed 2018 with the introduction of GIF stickers to Instagram Stories, now the photos and videos you add in your story will be even more expressive and fun or animated to look at, of course nothing too fancy but a welcome feature.

Instagram then slowly rolled out the ability to upload photos and videos of any size, a most requested feature that prevents cutting parts or your friends out of a photo or video. A simple pinch will now allow you to share a photo or video in its original dimensions, whether square, portrait or landscape. A nice touch is that the extra space will be filled with a custom color gradient that matches whatever you’re sharing.

By February, Instagram introduced “Type” mode in stories as a new way to express yourself with creative text styles and backgrounds minus the requisite photo or video. Quotes, thoughts, and sentiments can now be expressed into something colorful and expressive.

Now don’t be surprised to see more Instagram Stories than the regular posts in your timeline.

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