Framing #IGCiudad

While we always capture nature and its beautiful natural landscape, we cannot ignore the visual stories that the city and its urban landscape present. The architecture, the commercial and industrial areas where we live and work, the details and aspects of our urban lifestyle, can tell the rich stories that cannot be ignored. Let’s focus on sharing the city where we live and its colorful and interesting landscape.

Here are some interesting visual stories in the metro:

Buildings and Skyscrapers

That high-rise building where you work or that tower you always pass by in the morning or brightly lit up at night will be an interesting visual story to share. 


View from the window

The urban landscape seen through your window gives an instant frame for your visual story. Be it sunset or sunrise, the towering heights nearby or just the cityscape, capturing your window and the life outside it is something worthy of sharing.


Pathways and Walkways

That walkway or pedestrian lane or that path where people use when they walk around the city is another interesting subject in the urban landscape. Capture that pathway and make sure there a story to tell. 


Urban Transportation

Be it the calesa ride at the park or the railway transit, the buses or our very own jeepneys, the metro’s mode of transportation brings a different kind of visual story.  


People in Urban Area

Those friends sharing laughter in the park, the busy people at work, the passengers in public transportation or those strangers that unknowingly is already sharing an interesting story, PEOPLE in urban places are always a favorite subject. 


Urban Landmarks

Landmarks are markers that each city has. Share the monument in the park or the city marker that your city is known for.


Urban Construction

The city grows everyday. Buildings and towers are continuously being built, renovated or is given a new look. Look for any interesting moments of construction in the city. 


Frame the city where you live by capturing visual stories of the above ideas. Post them in Instagram and tag them with #IGCiudad #9pmhabit #IGersManila #IGersPhilippines. 

Continue sharing your unique visual stories and while you do, keep the good vibes rolling!

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