Focusing on #IGObjectives

As visual storytellers, we sometimes choose inanimate objects, focus our snapshots on them and eventually share them to convey our stories. 

Some objects that are unnoticeable become the center of our stories. And by taking snapshots of these objects from different viewpoints, we learn to appreciate them more. Let’s bring out our creativity and ingenuity by capturing objects from different perspectives. This is @IGersManila’s #IGObjectives. 


Our eyes tend to look for objects that are floating or hanging. Try capturing these objects from different perspectives and share your best shot.  In the sample visual story by @happyninjamoves is a hot air balloon floating that compliments the plain blue sky with it’s colorful design.


Objects Forming Shapes

Play with some objects or things and form certain shapes with it. Let’s use our imagination and creativity and take snapshots of these and share them with us. 

In the sample visual story by @earvinmendoza are group of pens forming the shape of the sun. 



Look for interesting objects and have another object be its frame. Frames can be windows, doors, mirrors or even a hole and make sure it compliments the real subject of your visual story.


Colorful subjects tend to catch our attention. Try snapshooting objects that appear to be eye candies. 


Go out and look for subjects reflected in another object. Be it toy reflected in a shiny object, a building in a water reflection or your favorite items or things in a mirror shot. Share it with us.  

Small Things

Look for small objects and make them appear bigger. Whether it’s a macro shot, a close up shot, or taken in a different angle, just make your small subject look big.


Survey your surroundings and capture those clutters/objects that were unnoticeable like cable wires, an old TV antenna, muddle of clothes, chargers. 

Share these visual stories in Instagram with us using the hashtags #IGObjectives #9pmhabit #IGersManila #IGersPhilippines. And while you do, keep the good vibes rolling!

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