Five ways to make #RoseGold your Instagram feed’s theme

If you have been wondering what’s with the #RoseGold color flooding your feed lately, that’s a project that @IGersManila’s #TheColl has accepted — get your feed filled with the pinkish hue of the newest iPhone.
Here are the 5 ways we have creatively executed the project!

1. Make it #Filterrific with #RoseGold.

Make the sky a little pinkish!

Get that #foodamology shot applied with a touch of the pink filter, why not?

Capture that #flowerpop a little less reddish!


2. Use a #RoseGold thing as a subject. 

Feature that watch, brag about that ring or show-off that accessory bearing the rose gold color.

A touch of class and sophistication. #SmartiPhone6s #IGersManila #EverydayWithTheColl #EverydayWithIana

A photo posted by Iana Peralta ☕ 📷📱 (@ianaperalta) on

Try snapshots of those #MiniFriends in pinkish shade!

Tama pa bang mag-antay? #9pmhabit #HeyHugot #igersmanila

A photo posted by lizlrey (@lizlrey) on


Wear that rose gold inspired #OOTD and be snapped wearing that winsome smile.

3. Use #RoseGold to #ColorMyDay creatively.

Isolate that hue of pink, and get creative!

Why not get that mask on and pose for posterity!


Or better yet, be more adventurous and pose wearing only a rose gold cloth!


A photo posted by Allan (@mrjalandoni) on

A photo posted by Allan (@mrjalandoni) on

4. #HoldNSnap anything #RoseGold.

Share that cute art cutout in pink!


How about being creative with a pinkish piece of cloth?

Live life, be free, be you. #typYOLOgraphy #SmartiPhone6s project rose gold 1/3

A photo posted by Reinmar Llamado (@breinmars) on

Hold your dream smartphone and snap a visual story with it!

5. Cut your photos into tiles and share it #inGridView.

Why not flood your Instagram feed with tiled pink squares?
Let your followers guess what the big picture is!

 IGMNL - #EverydayWithReyJohnino


Check out #TheColl’s #RoseGold project in Instagram via the hashtag #EverydayWithTheColl and #iCoss’ #EverydaywithIGMNL.
Join our roster of collaborators and be part of @IGersMAnila’s #TheColl. Register here.
Keep the good vibes rolling! #KTGVR

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