Fitness “Fad”?

A fun run is a friendly race that involves either road running or cross country running with participants taking part for their own enjoyment rather than competition – this is how Wiki defines this running event that is becoming more and more popular to people from all walks of life.

I have personally witnessed some of them as they occurred in key areas within the metro, backed up by huge brand sponsorships that made them more appealing. They have also evolved and have been made to be more enticing with the addition of raffle promos for participants, out-of-the-box themes (zombies, glow paint, nature, etc.), and concerts being thrown either pre or post-race. Interestingly, the sudden spike in public interest to these events made me think of whether this is just another “fad” that will eventually wear off. Is running here to stay, or will it change once a new trend pops in?

Health Benefits

Thinking through it, I realized that the main point of fun runs is still to run, no matter what the distance of the race is or the add-ons that come with it. After browsing through several articles online, it became apparent that more than getting from point A to point B, running lowers the risk of strokes as well as breast cancer for women.

It eliminates depression by secreting hormones to improve mood, relieves stress by forcing the body to exert excess energy and hormones, and boosts confidence through setting and achieving personal goals.

It is also recommended by doctors for those with early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

But the most compelling reason why most people, in my opinion, take advantage of running is because it helps individuals lose weight. According to research, it is the leading way to burn off calories, and the next most effective exercise in terms of calories burned per minute, second to cross country skiing.

Meet Wax Pangan

Still not convinced? I personally know someone who started with running to lose her pregnancy weight, but now considers it as one of her greatest passions. My friend, Wax Pangan, gained 40lbs during pregnancy and lost the 20lbs after giving birth. As advised by fitness instructors and good feedback from various sports magazines, she started running.

Having an outgoing and extroverted personality, she preferred to do it with other individuals who shared the same intent. After several routine mini runs with her friends, she really got into the sport and started joining fun runs.

Her first full length run was with Nat Geo last 2013 for 10kms which she finished in an 1hr and 15mins, followed by some more events that led to her full marathon with TBDRM (The Bull Run Dream Marathon) last February 16, 2014 wherein she finished 42kms in 6hrs and 17mins.

She is now aiming for the ultra-marathon of 50kms and a triathlon in 2 years. Not only did she surpass her goal of bringing back her pre-pregnancy weight, but also gained a stronger immune system, work-life balance and improved physical wellness.

Wax Pangan

Wax Pangan in now of the fun run she has joined.

She has even established her own running club and built a strong network within the running community.


With benefits backed-up by research and real-life experience, I’d say that the clamour for running events will not go away soon especially in this era that demands alternative ways to be physically fit and a society that looks at weight as some sort of measure of success. We can take it step-by-step, and as what Wax told me, “Just start… All you need is a pair of rubber shoes, then go outside. It must be the cheapest way to get fit while enjoying nature. Run-walk at first just like what I did until you get comfortable and get the hang of it.”

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IGersManila is partnering with Affinitea for the ‘Brown Race’ on December 14, 2014 at the CCP Complex. Now may be the perfect opportunity for you to start running with us.

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See you there!

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