Find the Hero in You

Social media plays a huge part in our lives. Most of us start our day by browsing social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like. What we read usually sets the tone of the day and I bet you’d agree that majority of what we see in our news feed is negative– posts about crime, the heavy traffic, sad stories about broken hearts, people bashing other people and so on.

Bad or sad news always get the attention. They even get thousands of likes and we’re not bothered by this. It’s a given and we don’t need to do something about it. Some of us even embrace it instead of finding inspiration and inspiring others to change it. But do we really want this?

Wouldn’t it be better if we get more happy stories to start the day or the week right? Wouldn’t it be nice if you make someone on the other side of the world smile because of a happy thought you shared? Wouldn’t it be nice if you save someone from having a bad day and become their hero without even knowing?

Be the change that you wanna see. Find goodness in every person you meet. Watch with keen eyes and you’ll find the beauty in life– the gentleman who holds the door for you, the lady who helps an old man cross the street, a little child who prays for other people’s happiness, and even the fast food crew who sweetly smiles at you while attending to all your requests.

There’s a lot of good things happening around us. You just have to know where to look to find it. If you find one, pass the story on to inspire others to do the same. Find the hero in everyone and the hero inside you. If you receive a blessing pay it forward and be a blessing to others. Be one of the few who would make the world believe that there’s goodness in everyone.

Don’t know where or how to start?

Join Hero Of D Day (#HODD) in shifting the attention from all the negativities to the abounding good around us. Let us recognize all acts of kindness regardless how great or little it is by sharing it.

To find out more about #HODD or if you want to be a volunteer, please check their contact details below:



Instagram: @heroofdday

Twitter: @heroofdday

Facebook: HeroOfDDay

To share your inspiring hero stories you may send a photo with a short caption to

If you opt to post on your own social media accounts, please use the hashtags ‘#hodd’ and ‘#heroofdday’. #HODD might just feature your story.

Be my hero. Pass this on and keep the #goodvibes rolling. #ktgvr

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